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Weekend Snackpack program expands to Dakota Wesleyan University campus

Friday, June 28, 2013

By: Braley Dodson

The Daily Republic


The Mitchell Weekend Snackpack program will relocate to the campus of Dakota Wesleyan University, board members decided Thursday evening.


The meeting, held at the First United Methodist Church and attended by nine people, covered moving the program from the living room of board president Cindy Novachich’s house to DWU’s old biology lab.


For the past three years, Weekend Snackpack has stored its food in Novachich’s living room and donations have been left on her front porch. The first time Snackpacks will be handed out for junior and senior high school students at DWU will be Aug. 30, and services at the elementary school will continue on the same date.


The nonprofit program began in January of 2010, and has since expanded to assist 310 children per week. The food is packed in recycled grocery bags and given to elementary school children on Fridays.


Snackpacks are distributed every week of the school year, except for the first and last Friday.

The packs contain a fruit, grain, an entree and two other food items.


The organization has handed out $58,000 in food over the past two and a half years, with more than $30,000 donated last year.


Novachich, who works two jobs to help support the program, said the room’s shelves and cupboards at DWU will allow for more food to be stored, along with more area for volunteers to work on packing food. In her house, there is only room for eight people to pack food. The move to DWU will expand that to 30. The old biology lab is located in Hughes Hall, on the western side of the campus. The building borders West University Avenue.


“My dream was to find a place we would have rent free that would be an appropriate place for youth to go to,” Novachich said. “This seems like an answer.”


Novachich said the program has previously been run out of her home to avoid paying rent and to direct more funds toward the food. The old biology lab will be provided rent free.


Weekend Snackpack just finished applying for the Mitchell Area Charitable Foundation Grant. It is requesting $15,000 between two grants for a renovation of the lab, signage for the building, signage for vehicles, a cart for transporting food, a vehicle purchase, office supplies and a computer.


The move from Novachich’s home to the old biology lab opens the door to the possibility of assisting junior and senior high school students. Novachich said because the new location is near a street, it would provide the opportunity for older youth to receive food without being singled out, a concern she’s heard from junior and senior high school educators.


Weekend Snackpack has joined forced with DWU’s Enactus team. The two groups began working together earlier this year, and will continue their partnership.


The program is in the process of applying for a grant.


Brent Matter, a junior at DWU and project coordinator for the Enactus team, linked the two groups together. While competing with the Enactus team on a project with Campbell’s Soup to gather 5,000 pounds of food, he thought there was a chance to expand the project.


“DWU has a lot of resources, Enactus has resources, Mitchell has resources,” Matter said. “Why not pool all those resources?”


Matter attended school in Iroquois and saw firsthand the benefits and need of a backpack food program.


“There’s definitely a need for a program across the state,” Matter said.


The Enactus team will cover the insurance and maintenance of the new vehicle, and Matter said the group is considering building bins for donations on a concrete slab outside of Hughes.


“It’s like a miracle for me,” Novachich said. “It’s given me new dreams for snackpack, and a new spark.”


The board also approved the group’s application to be a participant in the United Way Day of Caring on Aug. 7.


Novachich drew inspiration for the program through her childhood and interaction with others.


“I grew up really poor, I walked those streets and I understand,” Novachich said. “I want Mitchell kids to know that people in this town care about them.”


Board members expressed concern on how junior high students would travel to the campus.

Novachich said she sees kids walking around town often, and Matter wasn’t concerned.


“If you’re hungry, you’ll find a way to get there,” Matter said.


The board discussed, but did not vote, on eventually stocking diapers and formula.



Thursday, June 27, 2013
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DWU surpasses goal set for annual Wesleyan Fund

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dakota Wesleyan University has surpassed its annual fund goal for the 13th year in a row.

DWU’s goal this year was $705,000, and with the help of alumni and friends, that goal was more than met. The Wesleyan Fund is the annual fund that contributes to programs, facility maintenance and student scholarships.

“The Wesleyan Fund is critical to the financial vitality of the university. Its continued growth over the past several years has enabled DWU to better resource itself in numerous areas including technology infrastructure, student scholarships, and new curriculum enhancements,” said DWU President Amy Novak.

DWU depends on its alumni, friends and community members to reach the Wesleyan Fund goal each year – including its own staff and faculty.

“Ninety-six percent of our employees contribute back to the college each year; it’s heartening that our alumni and community believe in this university as much as our campus community does,” said Theresa Kriese, executive vice president.

More information about the Wesleyan Fund can be found at the advancement website. DWU is a private, liberal arts university associated with the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church. For more information about Dakota Wesleyan University, visit


DWU students named to dean’s list

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The spring semester dean’s list at Dakota Wesleyan University includes 188 students.

To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must have a semester grade point average of at least 3.5 on a four-point scale. They also have to complete at least 12 hours of academic work during the semester. The following students have been named to the dean’s list.

– Amanda Hart, Matthew McManus, Renee Schroeder

Armour – Lydia Ymker

Big Stone City – Kayla Mielitz

Black Hawk – Joseph Olson

Britton – Jade Hoisington

Brookings – Lauren Fitts

Bruce – Jace Goodfellow

Burke – Jay Determan, Skyler Heyden

Canova – Lynze Wobig

Canton – Abigail Fossum, Jasmin Vant

Cavour – Brent Matter

Chamberlain – Tina Lein, Kelli Swenson

Clear Lake – Eric Lundberg

Colome – Michael Rohde

Corsica – Cassie Bamberg, Leah Miiller, Lacey Reimnitz, Megan Reimnitz

Crooks – Trae Bergh

Dell Rapids – Hannah Hammer

Delmont – Sarah Freier

Dimock – Moria Mathews

Edgemont – Elizabeth Humiston

Emery – Heidi Berg, Jamon Harberts, Kara Schweitzer

Ethan – Shelby Andersen, Chase McBrayer, Cody McBrayer

Freeman – Joshua Korn

Garretson – Brady Bonte

Geddes – Shelby Steele, Jessica Vanderham

Gregory – Taylor Anshutz

Harrisburg – Autumn Krueger, Jarren Saxon, Heather Willett

Hartford – Caleb Heiberger

Hill City – Pamela Getman

Hitchcock – Kaylyn Gross

Hot Springs – Jesse Monfore

Hurley – Celeste Beck, Alexis Reiners

Huron – Alexis Fiorini, Ashley Kingdon, Lindsey McCaskell, Kristine McGirr, Kristin Mixon, Shova Parajuli, Miranda Regnier

Iroquois – April Leichtenberg

Kimball – Natalie Munger

Lake Norden – David Elliott

Lead – Joshua Thompson

Lennox – Ashlyn Christianson

Letcher – Caitlin Bruckman, Lacey VanLaecken

Mitchell – Nathan Bowman, Jenna Callies, Alexandra Christensen, Zachary Ciavarella, Amanda Dixon, Kayla Geraets-Majercik, Amanda Heavlin, Aimee Lenocker, Serina Lesnar, Traci Loecker, Dillon Miles, Madison-Ainsley Miller, Chelsea Moody, Whitney Morgan, Elizabeth Morrison, Nancy Mutziger, Joseph Nagel, Alicia Odland, Jordan Reiner, Emily Ruml, Kira Stammer, Marissa Tubbs, Trever Wagner, Briana Weiss, Diane Weller, Stephanie Wescoup

Mount Vernon – Jordan Adam, Sara Deinert, Emma Otterpohl

Onida – Elizabeth Lamb

Pierre – Travis Moodie, Tyson Moodie, Austin Munyon, Linsey Peterson, Tyler Sarringar

Plankinton – Kayla Collins, Chase Kristensen

Platte – Ruth Audiss, Emily Olsen, Kayla Summerville, Kennedi Travis

Presho – Skyler Eriksen, Mara Herman

Rapid City – Jared Batman, Matthew Britt, Amanda Burton, Lindsey Corrin, Nicholas Tadlock

Scotland – Haley Brunke, Chelsea Raker

Sioux Falls – Andrew DeVaney, Anthony Muilenburg, Zachary Schneider, Isaac Wheelock-Bouwman

South Shore – Jordan Buchholz

Stickney – Stephanie Teel

Sturgis – Nathaniel Brandt, Alexandra Kuehler

Tea – Andrew Becker, Vanessa Johanneson

Tripp – Samantha Sandau

Tulare – Kristen Binger

Tyndall – Travis McDonald, Tara Ronke, Jennifer Sip

Utica – Valerie Hummel

Vermillion – Hannah Ford

Volga – Tyson DeGroot

Wagner – Talia Peters

Warner – Mallory Jark, Briana Jung

Watertown – Kayla Leininger, Trent Robbins

Wessington Springs – Jordan Von Eye

White Lake – Sara Konechne

Winner – Anthony Husher, Tyler Vavra

Woonsocket – Emily Olson

Worthing – Jared Stearns

Yale – Lexy Timm

Yankton – Tiffany Fiechuk

Out of State


Scottsdale – Daniel Maman


Chula Vista – Alexandra Davis

Irvine – Ian Hyde

Monterey Park – Vanessa Mendez

Moss Beach – Cody Silveria

North Hollywood – Anthony Cervantes

Sacramento – Jennica Berry

Santa Fe Springs – Stephanie Bravo

Temecula – Lindy Snook

Victorville – Hannah Harbour


Brighton – Tiffany Sharp

Denver – Tamika Irvin

Loveland – Breanna Clark

Sterling – Casey Henry


Ponte Vedra Beach – Thomas Anderson

Windermore – Michael Claar


Marietta – Aireus Stephenson


Sioux City – James O’Halloran


Lindsborg – Ian Lackey


Blue Earth – Morgan Schoenfelder

Dawson – Sarah Zaiser

Faribault – Christen Hildebrandt

Milan – Micaela Erickson

Monticello – Kyle Gilles

Rochester – Bryce Berletic

Wilmont – Nathan Burkard

Worthington – Cassandra Landgaard

North Dakota

Fargo – Matthew Hockert

Surrey – Taylor Kuhn


Gordon – Macy Piper

Mead – Katherine Johnson

Naper – Jonathan Alford

Omaha – Sarah Owens

Scottsbluff – Jordan Lovesee


Fort Gibson – Kelty Godby


Copperas Cove – Anthony Pakutka

Lantana – Jonathon Knight

Temple – Ryan Zdroik


Casper – Sterling Dockweiler

Gillette – Alexis Wilde

Jackson – Christian Doyle

Other countries



North Battleford – Cara Chomey


Winnipeg – Hailey Unger


Muscat – Thara Ali Said


Dakota Wesleyan establishes Digital DWU, offers online degrees

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Digital DWU, an entirely online educational experience, will become a reality at Dakota Wesleyan University this fall.

The university will offer an online Master of Business Administration beginning in August, as well as continuing the online Bachelor of Science degree for registered nurses currently holding an associate’s degree.

Derek Driedger, associate professor of English, has been named associate dean of digital learning.  He has been leading the implementation process since early April.

“Dr. Driedger has a commanding sense of the evolving nature of higher education,” said Amy Novak, DWU president. “He immerses himself in the technology and examines strategies for using digital technologies.  Derek’s goal-oriented leadership style, scholarly engagement and excellent integration of digital learning into his classes have prepared him to assume this important role for Dakota Wesleyan.”

“We have offered online courses for many years,” Driedger said, “but this is the first time we will offer degrees entirely online, allowing anyone in any location to earn a degree from Dakota Wesleyan University.  As DWU steps further into the world of digital learning with online courses and degrees, my role will be to oversee online curriculum, help departments design online-friendly courses and maintain a university-wide consistency.”

The M.B.A. in strategic leadership will be unique in that it will focus on practical application rather than theory.  It is designed for those working, or interested in working, in nonpublicly traded businesses rather than Fortune 500 companies.  Learners will be encouraged to collaborate on real-world problem-solving in order to transcend the experience from the classroom into everyday life.  According to Driedger, it will be a more applicable M.B.A. than is currently offered regionally.

“About 80 percent of businesses in our region are smaller, and they require hands-on management with an emphasis on personal leadership,” he said.  “We have been developing curriculum for this program for more than a year, and we believe it will be well-received because it will lead students through real-world problem solving exercises, with emphases on communication and ethical decision-making.”

For those who have already earned a baccalaureate degree, the M.B.A. program is open to all academic disciplines and professional backgrounds, creating a diverse learning experience.  The entrepreneurial and strategic leadership focus of this program is enhanced by a values-driven emphasis that is informed by an active and applied Christian worldview, according to Driedger.

A key component of Digital DWU is community.  The virtual campus and learning management system will allow students to form relationships and interact with one another, as well as faculty members, any time of day or night.  M.B.A. students will have the option of taking one course or two every eight weeks with sessions beginning in August or January.

The RN-B.S. nursing program builds upon previous knowledge and provides an opportunity for working nurses to focus on enhancing their leadership and management skills.  The nursing program was built to complement the nurse’s previous work experience with new skills that will contribute to professional and personal growth, according to Driedger.

“As we implement and assess these programs throughout the coming year,” he said, “we will consider potential new online programs to add to Digital DWU.  Once we get the initial courses running, we intend to be responsive to the needs and interests of students and the marketplace.”

Application information for both programs is available on the DWU website,


DWU announces new leadership for its online learning initiative

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dakota Wesleyan University has offered online courses for several years and has now created a digital learning initiative which will be led by Dr. Derek Driedger.

Driedger, associate professor of English and English department chairman, has been named associate dean of digital learning at DWU and will lead the university through its new online initiative. 

“Dr. Driedger has a commanding sense of the evolving nature of higher education,” said Amy Novak, DWU provost and executive vice president. “He immerses himself in the technology and examines strategies for using digital technologies to enhance classroom learning. Derek’s goal-oriented leadership style, scholarly engagement and excellent integration of digital learning into his classes, has prepared him to assume this important role for Dakota Wesleyan.”

Driedger has taught at DWU since 2007 in English, journalism and Core classes, designing and redesigning course curriculums, experiential learning exercises and service-learning projects.

“As DWU steps further into the world of digital learning with online courses and degrees, my role will be to oversee online curriculum, help departments design online-friendly courses and maintain university-wide consistency,” Driedger said.

DWU already offers an online degree completion program for nurses who have earned an associate’s degree in nursing and want to complete a Bachelor of Science in nursing, and a variety of other courses have been offered online as well.  This fall, the university will roll out its Master of Business Administration – Strategic Leadership degree offered entirely online. In another year, DWU hopes to add a degree-completion program for adult learners, geared for nontraditional students who have some college education and are interested in completing a bachelor’s degree.

About 35.3 percent of South Dakotans and 36.5 percent of Mitchell residents have begun but not completed a college degree, according to a 2013 Mitchell Area Development Corporation report.

“One of my main roles will be to set up general education courses for this degree-completion program to help them finish those degrees,” Driedger said. “This is an exciting opportunity for Dakota Wesleyan to expand its learning opportunities.”

Dakota Wesleyan University was named to the 2013 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. This designation is the highest honor a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning and civic engagement.
Dakota Wesleyan University is proudly affiliated with the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church. Members of any and all faiths are welcome and encouraged to experience an education based on learning, leadership, faith and service.
Dakota Wesleyan University has been honored as a College of Distinction through demonstration of excellence in these areas: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities and successful outcomes.
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