Tips on being a DWU Parent
There are two stages in being a DWU parent: before they leave for school, and after they’ve left home.

This is when you and your child are involved in the crazy, overwhelming college selection process. Your daughter or son is probably feeling pressure to complete a "to do" list that includes: researching potential colleges, completing heaps of paperwork, taking (or re-taking) the ACTs, visiting prospective schools, narrowing to a shortlist the potential colleges, sending out applications, waiting for acceptance letters, choosing a major, etc., all while still trying to finish high school. (Whew!) Even if they haven't told you, they're probably freaking out. Trust us; this is a stressful time for them.

For college-bound students and parents alike, this is an emotional rite of passage. But one that is navigated with some ease if you just relax, take a deep breath, and understand some honest facts:
  • The U.S. has more than 3,000 colleges and universities, many of which provide a first-rate education at an affordable price (DWU is one of them).
  • Forty percent of kids in college do not graduate from the school to which they first enroll (many more transfer than you'd ever imagine).
  • It's a myth there is just one right-fit school for each 18-year old high school senior (there are MANY right fits).
So relax. Try to get your son or daughter to relax. You WILL get through this and move on to the second stage — after.

This is when your daughter or son is out of the house. Your refrigerator is now full, your car actually has gas, your phone line is strangely free, and you're eyeing that now-empty bedroom for a home improvement project. (Some of the joys of being the proud parent of a college student.)

But now comes a new set of issues about your child:
  • How do I send her off right?
  • What can I do to help him while he's away?
  • When will she be back home and when does she need to go back to school?
  • Who do I contact at DWU in case of an emergency or if I have a question or concern?
  • What if he doesn't call regularly?
  • What if she doesn't like her roommate?
  • What if he ...
  • (Even more joys of being the proud parent of a college student.)
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