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Parental Notification Policy
Dakota Wesleyan University understands that parents play a central role in the continuing development and education of their college students, and hopes to work in partnership with them in this essential enterprise. We also recognize that students have specific rights and expectations in terms of their privacy. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (see full policy in the Student Handbook), the university has established the following guidelines for notifying parents or legal guardians when there is concern for the health and welfare of the student, including situations involving medical transportation and treatment, and serious or repeated violations of alcohol and/or drugs policies.

I. The director of student life or designee has the authority to determine when and by what means to notify parents or legal guardians without a student’s consent when a student under the age of 21 is found to have violated any law of the university rule or policy related to the possession, use, sale or distribution of alcohol or illicit drugs.

II. Nothing in these guidelines shall prevent university officials from notifying parents or legal guardians of students under the age of 21 of health or safety emergencies, including situations requiring medical transport and treatment, regardless of the disciplinary status of the student. When the university intends to contact a student’s parents or legal guardian, it will first attempt to notify the student of its intent.

III. The director of student life or designee reserves the right to notify a parent or legal guardian without a student’s consent under the following circumstances:

a) The violation involved harm or threat of harm to the student, other persons or campus property;
b) The violation involved an arrest in which the student was taken into custody by the police;
c) The violation resulted in or is likely to result in the student being suspended or expelled from university-operated housing, the university or both;
d) The student has shown a pattern of behavior or violations that indicate a potential physical or psychological problem;
e) The student who committed the violation required medical attention as a result of the consumption of alcohol and/or illicit drugs.

How Can We Help You?
All of us at Dakota Wesleyan University welcome you and your daughter or son as the newest members of the DWU family. We expect everything will go smoothly, but we also know you may want to contact us with questions, concerns, and maybe even complaints. We welcome your calls, letters and e-mail messages – it shows you’re an involved parent.

In case of Emergency: 605-995-2600
In case of emergency, contact the DWU Campus Switchboard. They will immediately work with the student life department to locate and contact your son or daughter.

Additional Emergency Phone Numbers
Mitchell Police: 605-995-8400
Davison County Sheriff’s Office: 605-995-8630
Avera Queen of Peace Hospital Emergency Room: 605-995-2276

Questions or Concerns?
The list below will help you contact the right people.

Applications to DWU Cara Wiese


Billing & Business Office Carol Weiss


Books & Supplies, Bookstore Lori Solberg


Campus Tours Admissions 605-995-2650


Career Consulting Diana Goldammer


Computer Help Desk Cindy Kiner


Counseling Linda Cimpl, MA, NCC, LPC


Course Registration Karen Knoell


Dean’s List Emily George


Disabilities Donna Dunn


Discipline Diana Goldammer


Financial Aid Kristy O’Kief


Grades Karen Knoell


Graduation Requirements Karen Knoell


Health/Medical Services Donna Gerlach


Housing and Residential Life Derik Fossum 


Judicial Issues Derik Fossum 


Lost & Found Kerri Fahey


Meal Plan Carol Weiss


News Coverage Lori Essig


Parking Kris Ehlebrecht


Postal Services Kerri Fahey


Safety & Security Derik Fossum 


Scholarships Kristy O'Kief
Sports Curt Hart


Strengths Consulting
Diana Goldammer
Tuition, Fees, Room & Board Carol Weiss


TRiO Tutoring and Writing Center Kate Miller


Tutoring Diana Goldammer
Work Study Diana Goldammer
Writing Center Diana Goldammer
VA Matters Carol Weiss



Straight to the Top
If you’d like to take it straight to the top, contact:

President Amy Novak
Rocky VonEye
Executive Vice President Theresa Kriese
VP for University Relations Lori Essig

If you’d like to write a letter to anyone at DWU, use the following campus-wide USPS mail address

Insert Name of Person (or Department or Office)
Dakota Wesleyan University
1200 West University Avenue
Mitchell, SD 57301
Tel 605-995-2600
Fax 605-995-2892
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