Sports Management
The Dakota Wesleyan University Sports Management Program is designed to provide students with unique experiences and create great career opportunities within the sports industry. With unique classes like Introduction to Sports Agency and cutting-edge projects like the Pro Basketball Showcase, DWU students are exposed to real-world situations and participate in activities that enhance their marketability in the sports industry. If you are looking to gain exceptional knowledge and engage in practical experiences in the world of sports, the DWU sports management program is the place to be.

The sports management (SPM) major is one of the university's best examples of interdisciplinary cooperation. This program offers an innovative curriculum designed to provide the student with the opportunity to develop expertise in business management with an orientation toward the world of sport. The program consists of three fundamental components: business management, sports sciences and practical experiences. The heavy emphasis of business management provides the equivalent of a business major at many institutions. Using our large array of hands-on activities and projects, we apply key business concepts in finance, management, marketing and other areas so as to help students become effective industry professionals.

The sport and leisure industry is one of the top three industries in almost every state and currently generates more than $300 billion nationwide. As sport has evolved into an integral component of American culture, the operations of sports programs have become more sophisticated and complex. Sports management, as a profession and academic discipline, now includes a broad spectrum of career paths and physical activity settings that range from professional sports to college athletics to recreational sports to health clubs and fitness centers to sports facility management to sport governing bodies and sport marketing firms. People assigned the responsibility for the management of sport programs and facilities must be familiar with the intricacies of sport activities while also being effective leaders and business professionals.

DWU offers three emphases within the sports management program. They are:
  • Marketing and Sports Information
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance

WHAT IS SPORTS MANAGEMENT?Sports management is the application of business and management knowledge, leadership principles and skills to the daily arena of sport. Over the past three decades, a variety of career paths have emerged in sport that require managers, directors and employees to possess knowledge and skills in both sport and business leadership.

  1. Does sport seem to be a main focus and interest in your life?
  2. Do you receive a great sense of fun, enjoyment or fulfillment when involved with sports in some way?
  3. When you read the morning newspaper, do you go right to the sports section?
  4. When you watch TV at night, do you tend to watch sporting events or ESPN?
  5. When you go out with your friends, do you usually end up going to a sporting event, watching a sporting event on TV, or just talking about sports?
  6. Have you had a real interest in sports for a very long time?
  7. Are you interested in business and management and possibly knowing how they apply to sports?
  8. Does the thought of working in or around sports as a career really appeal to you?
If you answered "yes" to all of the above questions, sports management may be the college major and career path for you!

GENERAL SKILLSStudents within the sports management major typically develop these skills through their prerequisite requirements:
  • Effective communication skills
  • Basic quantitative and technology abilities
  • Background in history, social science and natural science
  • Knowledge of human development and disabilities
  • Critical thinking and the ability to problem solve
  • Knowledge of management and leadership principles

SPECIFIC SKILLSAdditional skills typically developed by students in the sports management major include:
  • Programming and service delivery skills, to include planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Management and administrative aptitudes required for effective leadership within the sports management industry
  • Group and program leadership abilities
  • Knowledge of facility and personnel management
  • Knowledge of sport settings, services and legal issues specific to sport and education settings

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCESTo further enhance the marketability of one's employment in the field of sports management:
  • Participate and take leadership roles in extracurricular activities
  • Take elective courses relating to your career goals, or minor in a supporting field
  • Arrange for a part-time job related to the field
  • Design applied professional experiences for credit through a variety of internship experiences
  • Attend professional conferences, workshops and conventions
  • Interact with professionals in the field
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