Peer Tutoring
TRiO Student Support Services offers free peer tutoring to all TRiO participants. TRiO Peer Tutors are trained through College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) guidelines and tutor individuals or small groups of up to four learners.

Front row (l to R): Chase McBrayer, Dan Mitchell, Michael Bader
Middle Row: Brooke Oehlerking & Rene Cardona
Back Row (L to R): Lisa Stanley, Rachel Parsons, Derek Brenner, Katherine Lazenby

Tutoring is offered to help students improve their class grades and to become active, independent learners. Study skills are emphasized while tutors help tutees with their class material.

Spring 2015-16 Peer Tutoring is available for TRiO participants in the following classes:

BIO 101 General Biology
BIO 122
Principles of Biology II
BIO 222
BIO 330 Anatomy & Physiology II
BUS 155
Survey of Accounting
BUS 220 Concepts and Practices in Management
BUS 252
Principles of Accounting
BUS 263
Business Law
CHM 174
University Chemistry II
CHM 331
Organic Chemistry II
COR 101
Interdisciplinary Investigations I
CRJ 261
Criminal Law
HIS 102
World History II
HIS 202
US History II
MTH 125 College Algebra
MTH 200
MTH 220
Calculus II
PHS 100
Physical Science
PHS 270
University Physics II
PSY 131 General Psychology
PSY 237 Developmental Psychology
REL 370 Pop Culture & Theology
SOC 152 Intro to Sociology

To request a tutor stop in the TRiO office, McGovern Library, second floor.

If you are seeking assistance in a course that is not listed, please contact the Tutor Coordinator. If there is not a tutor available it is recommended that you consult your professor’s office hours.

Request for Tutoring Form

Tutor Matching

Tutoring Rules
  • Tutees are required to meet with their tutors at least twice a week. 
  • Tutees may be assigned to a small group tutoring session for up to four students. 
  • Tutees are required to contact their tutors if they cannot make their scheduled session at least 12 hours in advance. If a tutoring session must be rescheduled, the tutee or tutor must contact the other via exchanged contact information.
  • Tutees are allowed to miss two sessions. At the third missed session, the tutee will be required to meet with the Tutor Coordinator to determine if tutoring for that class will continue. 
  • Tutees are required to sign in and out at each session for record keeping purposes. 
  • Tutees are required to attend all classes! Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class lectures, labs or review sessions. 
  • Tutees are required to check their DWU email account daily and their DWU mailboxes regularly to receive updates from their tutor and the Tutor Coordinator. 
  • Tutees are required to be prepared for every tutoring session. This includes bringing all notes, the text, handouts, and homework assigned by the tutor to each session. Tutors reserve the right to ask an unprepared student to leave the session. 
  • Tutors will not complete a tutee's homework assignment for them, so attend each session with homework already attempted. This will let the tutor know which direction to take the tutoring session. 
*If a tutoring session must be rescheduled, the tutee or tutor must contact the other via exchanged contact information or contact Tutor Coordinator, Donna Dunn at 995-2904.

TRiO Peer Tutor Contact FormTutors will fill out an online contact form after every tutoring session. Click the following link to fill out a contact form.

Tutor and Tutee Contact Form
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