Dr. Joseph Roidt

Dr. Joseph Roidt

Dr. Joseph Roidt


Department: Provost and Academic Affairs
Location: Smith Hall | Room 205

Year Started: 2016

Education History: Kent State University (B.A. degree in sociology), University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D. in sociology)

Professional History: For nearly two decades, Dr. Joseph Roidt served as a professor of sociology at several small, private colleges including Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. In 2001, Roidt joined the faculty of Davis & Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia. While serving as a faculty member at Davis & Elkins, Roidt received the college’s award for teaching excellence and coordinated the college’s honors program.

In 2009 Roidt was granted tenure and promoted to the rank of full professor. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed associate provost and director of the college’s office of institutional effectiveness. In his role as associate provost, Roidt oversaw and coordinated the university’s successful 10-year accreditation report and site visit, oversaw the college’s retention efforts (which witnessed significant improvement in the college’s performance in this area), and strengthened the college’s data collection practices.

In 2012 Roidt was appointed to the role of vice president for academic affairs at Davis & Elkins. During his tenure in that role, Roidt worked collaboratively with the faculty on a variety of initiatives including the overhaul and reform of the college’s general education curriculum; the creation of a unique, immersive, three-week winter symposium for first-year students focused on civic knowledge and engagement; the development and launch of the college’s first online degree program; an extensive revision of the college’s faculty handbook and academic policies; and streamlining and strengthening college administrative and governance processes. Roidt also supported and oversaw 2.5 M in grant-supported academic activities and initiatives.

Roidt joined the Dakota Wesleyan executive leadership team in 2016 in the capacity of provost. While serving as provost at Dakota Wesleyan, Roidt has worked collaboratively with the faculty to overhaul and reform the university’s general education program and to institute a university-wide capstone program, including a capstone day on which graduating seniors presenting their culminating academic work to the university community. Roidt has also worked collaboratively with the faculty to streamline and strengthen governance practices and academic and faculty policies. Roidt has also supported and overseen more than 4 M in grant-supported academic activities and initiatives.

Working alongside Dakota Wesleyan President, Dr. Amy Novak, Roidt has listened to business and industry leaders from across the Great Plains region regarding the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to succeed and advance in the region’s professional workforce, and has worked collaboratively with faculty to develop and

launch a variety of innovative academic programs and initiatives in response to these needs.

One of these is a 21-credit graduate certificate in nonprofit church leadership for working pastors that supports them in the execution of practical and applied administrative projects in the churches they serve. Another is the Learn & Earn program that offers a 16-month pathway to an associate degree and a professional career by combining an immersive, face-to-face learning experience (that simulates a professional work environment) two-to-three days per week with paid professional internships on the remaining days of the week. Students who complete the program are prepared to succeed in entry-level professional jobs and have the option of completing a bachelor’s degree online. A third initiative is the university’s Digital DWU initiative which provides all students with iPads and has involved significant professional development for faculty to support the integration of digital technology into students’ day-to-day learning experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, all of which has been undertaken to equip the university’s graduates with digital proficiencies for the contemporary workforce.

Family: He and his wife, Vickie, have been married for 32 years and have two adult children.