Renee Koerner

Renee Koerner

Renee Koerner

Campus Visit and Office Coordinator

Department: Admissions
Location: Rollins Campus Center | Admissions Office

Year Started: 2021

Strengths: Harmony | Consistency | Achiever | Context | Adaptability

Education History: Southwest Minnesota State University (BA in Speech Communication and BS in Radio/TV)

Professional History: Radio Announcer (2006-2021) and Mobile Marketing (2002-2006)

Hobbies: Travel, baking/cooking, sports

Family: Husband (Levi), mom (Sue), sisters (Amy and Kari), twin brother (Ryan),brothers-in-law (Larry and Kevin), sister-in-law (Jenny), nephews (Alex, Chad, Brody and Blake) and nieces (Sydney, Ava, Hannah and Elle)


What do you love most about DWU?: It is a very welcoming place, not only to students and faculty/staff, but to the community at large. Having been in Mitchell for 15 years and only at DWU for 1 week, I already feel like I'm part of the Tiger family.