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Guide Talent in Athletes 

Become a coach or assistant coach of youth sports. Find a career in various settings after graduation, and work with a recreational team in your community or for a school. The state of South Dakota requires you to take Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries and a theory of coaching course in your sport for certification as a head coach. 

Planning to coach outside South Dakota? Contact that state’s athletic association, as each state will have different requirements.

Begin Your Career as a Coach

Get your game spirit on as a leader of an athletic team! Become a coach and apply your skills in careers such as:

  • Secondary education athletic coaching
  • Youth sports coaching

Coaching Course Catalog 

Take a look at the types of classes you'll complete in pursuing your coaching degree. 

  • Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • Psychological Dynamics of Sport
  • Rules of Officiating

Find more of the classes you'll take in our academic catalog.

Get to Know Your Professors

Learn from the best coaches on how to be a coach! Our low student-to-teacher ratio offers valuable one-on-one interaction with professors.

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