The digital age comes with one absolute. 

The world of technology will always be changing. As a result, Dakota Wesleyan will shepherd in DigitalDWU – a university-wide effort to incorporate technology into the classrooms and into the hands of every student.

Digital DWU will work to personalize student learning, recognizing the individual learning styles of students. We know when students experience learning, the content becomes real. DigitalDWU will take the next step education by:

  • deploying a powerful research and learning tool,
  • reinventing the classroom, and
  • providing an experiential, project-based curriculum

What is Digital DWU?

Digital DWU is Dakota Wesleyan’s commitment to intentionally and deliberately preparing its graduates to make meaningful contributions to our digital world by offering a learning environment and learning experiences that mirror the demands and expectations of that world.

What is DWU’s technology initiative?

DWU’s technology initiative is a piece of Digital DWU that employs an array of student-centric technology, both on the device and in the classroom, enabling students to connect with powerful learning tools to complement their education, making it more engaging and relevant.

I understand that DWU’s technology initiative is not a typical 1-to-1 initiative. How is it different?

In most 1-to-1 initiatives, students receive a device with software that tries to teach all students the same way. In essence, those initiatives are cramming new technology into an existing and unchanged educational structure. DWU’s technology initiative is much more than a device for each student. It incorporates a redesign of the curriculum, the learning environment, and gives students choices for learning that better connects with their learning style. The technology initiative differs in that it is a student-centric use of technology.

Why am I receiving an iPad?

Students receive an iPad as part of the Digital DWU initiative. The iPad is a tool to enhance students’ education here at DWU. The e-books, apps, and course content will be tailored to curriculum, ensuring students have access to the most relevant and topical materials. 

What are the benefits of learning with an iPad?

The benefits of learning with an iPad include:

  • enhancing personalized learning,
  • facilitating collaboration,
  • developing technological and information fluency,
  • enhanced learning mobility and connectivity, and
  • being better prepared to succeed in our digital world.

When will I receive my iPad?

In the fall, all students (both new and returning) will receive their iPads on the first day of classes, as well as orientation and training.

What makes this iPad different?

This iPad is a customized DWU device that students can use as part of their course studies. It contains device management software which will allow the university to provide apps and digital content to support classes. A regular iPad does not have these features, and such features cannot be added to personal devices.

Will I get to keep my iPad?

All students who graduate from Dakota Wesleyan in eligible programs will leave with an iPad.

What can I put on the iPad?

The device may be customized and used for classes, FaceTime, or even Netflix. Students are encouraged to use the technology for both school work and personal use.

I am transferring to DWU. Do I receive an iPad?

All DWU students will receive an iPad, including all full-time undergraduate transfer students. 

What are the iPad specs?

Students will receive an iPad Air 10.5 inch with 64 GB of space.

What will I be billed for this iPad?

The university’s annual technology fee covers the cost of the iPad, as well as students’ utilization of classroom technology and a variety of additional resources that will be available to them through the iPad.

Can I sell my iPad?

The iPad is the property of Dakota Wesleyan University until the student officially graduates. Once the student graduates, the iPad is his/hers to keep or to sell.

Will the iPad have a data plan?

There is no data plan included. The devices are Wi-Fi enabled only.

What comes pre-loaded on my iPad?

DWU preloads the device with university purchased apps through a group licensing agreement. Students do not buy or pay for those apps that have been preloaded. However, some classes may require or recommend the purchase of additional apps, these will not be preloaded and the student will be responsible for purchasing and downloading them.

I don’t know how to use an iPad. Is there training available?

Along with initial training on how to integrate the iPad into the classroom experience, DWU will provide video tutorials.  IT staff is available to answer questions; also, Apple has several resources available at support.apple.com/ipad

Will I ever be required to purchase supplemental textbooks, or will everything be available on the iPad?

Students will need to purchase additional textbooks because not all courses have corresponding iBooks. DWU faculty-produced iBooks, when available, could provide cost savings to students.

What are my textbook buying options if I want them on my iPad?

The iPad gives options for buying and accessing textbooks. For example, some, if not many, textbooks may be available in an e-book format for purchase and download. 

Can I jailbreak the iPad?

No. Jailbreaking the iPad is in direct violation of your iPad use agreement.

Am I being monitored?

No, the university is not actively monitoring students; however, this is a university-owned and managed device, meaning DWU can push updates and apps and support your device as needed. 

What, if any, accessories are included with the iPad?

The DWU iPad comes with a keyboard, power adapter and cord. Students may purchase additional accessories from the DWU Store or online.

I already own an iPad. Can I use it for my courses?

No, because a personal iPad will not contain all the necessary applications required for your courses, which cannot be downloaded to a personal device. 

What if I don’t complete my studies at Dakota Wesleyan?

If, for some reason, a student leaves Dakota Wesleyan prior to graduation, he/she will be asked to return the iPad. The iPad will not be useable. Failure to return it will result in a charge being placed on the student’s account.

What if my iPad breaks?

As part of the user agreement students sign, they will be eligible to have their iPad repaired or replaced (subject to certain conditions).

Whom do I contact for service/tech support?

For technical assistance, DWU’s IT staff is available to answer questions: support@dwu.edu. Also, Apple has several resources available at: support.apple.com/ipad.

Will students in DWU’s online programs be receiving an iPad?

Students in the university’s graduate programs will not receive iPads. Returning online students will not receive iPads. New students in select online and/or hybrid programs will receive iPads.

Will students in the Sioux Falls LPN to B.S. program receive an iPad?

Students who enter this program beginning in fall 2018 will receive an iPad.

Will an iPad be sufficient for all my computing needs?

iPads will meet the computing needs of most students in most programs. In those instances in which iPads may not meet a student’s computing needs, they may access a PC in one of the open computer labs on campus or utilize their own devices. 

Do students buy the apps for the iPad or does the school?

Dakota Wesleyan University will purchase apps as part of a group licensing agreement. These apps will be pre-loaded on your device when you pick it up. You will not need to buy or pay for those apps that have been pre-loaded.

However, there may be some classes that require or recommend that you purchase additional apps. These will be the responsibility of the student. They will not be loaded onto the device. You will need to purchase and download these, as you would materials such as textbooks or other instructional supplies.

Will iPads be used in all classes?

While iPads will not be used in every course, DWU anticipates that over time the use of the iPad will be used more and more extensively in more courses. Different faculty members will use iPads in different ways and that use will vary from discipline to discipline.

How will professors use the iPad in their classes?

Dakota Wesleyan University is devoting significant resources to training its faculty on how to incorporate iPads in their teaching.  Different faculty members will use iPads in different ways and vary from discipline to discipline. 

Faculty may use iPads for:

  • Facetime or Skype to connect with experts from around the world.
  • Faculty assessing students’ understanding of content and ideas periodically during a class meeting so that they can answer questions on the spot.
  • Utilizing presentation apps to create state-of-the art, digital, storytelling projects.
  • Augmenting a written narrative or essay with photography or videography.
  • Sharing a screen with a student team as they work on a problem in class or project outside of class.

Will there be a Loaner Program?

DWU will maintain a stock of loaner iPads and keyboards, these devices will be primarily available for non-degree seeking students and students participating in dual enrollment courses on campus. Secondarily, DWU will have loaner devices for students whose devices are under repair. Students must sign off on loaner iPads and accept responsibility for any loaner equipment that is in their possession.

What security measures exist for my iPad?

The device must be locked with a passcode and the Find My iPad service will be enabled via iCloud, this way, if an iPad is taken, no one can access private information and DWU will have a greater likelihood of locating and retrieving the iPad. DWU’s remote management system will also allow an official to disable the device if it is lost or stolen, thereby making it useless to someone who should not have it.

Are there rules students must follow when using iPads?

Yes. Since iPads can easily be used for recording and exploring, privacy issues must be considered. As a general source of information, students should reference and adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy. Students who misuse their iPads may face judicial action at the discretion of the university.

Do I need to buy a cover or case for my iPad?

It is up to you, but it is recommended students purchase a cover or case for their device since they are responsible for damages to the device. Visit the DWU bookstore for covers available for sale.

I’m a high school student enrolling in the Bridge Program. Will I receive an iPad for my courses?

Yes, there is a $300 annual fee that high school students pay with their registration fee to gain the use of the iPad.

I’m a nondegree seeking student. Will I receive an iPad for my courses?

You will be able to obtain an iPad through our loaner program if your course has an iPad requirement.