Partner Institutions

Our Partner Institutions

In order to make the transfer process easier, we have entered into articulation agreements with other institutions. These agreements allow you to complete a bachelor’s or associate’s degree at DWU using credit earned in specific programs at other institutions. Often, the degree or program completed at your prior institution will become your minor at DWU. In other instances, the agreement allows the application of those prior courses as part of your DWU major.

Our partnering institutions and the corresponding programs are listed below. If you find your current school and/or program is not listed, this does not mean your credits will not be accepted. For all incoming students, a course-by-course transcript evaluation will be completed by the registrar’s office. The results of these evaluations will be at the discretion of the registrar’s office and the appropriate DWU faculty.

Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI)

Northeast Community College

Western Dakota Tech

Northeast Community College Programs

Accounting A.S. – Accounting B.S.
Athletic Training A.S. – Athletic Training B.S.
Business Administration A.A. – Business Administration B.S.
Criminal Justice A.A. (Corrections Concentration) – Criminal Justice B.A.
Criminal Justice A.A. (Law Enforcement Concentration) – Criminal Justice B.A.
Education-Elementary A.A. – Elementary Education B.A.

Western Dakota Tech Programs

Accounting A.A.S. – Accounting B.S.
Business Management & Marketing A.A.S. – Business Administration B.S. 
Business Management & Marketing A.A.S. – Organizational Leadership B.A.
Criminal Justice A.A.S. – Criminal Justice B.A.