Transfer Student Guide

Your Guide to Transferring

Dakota Wesleyan University accepts and welcomes students from accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities. A maximum of 60 credit hours, or equivalent quarter or other academic units as determined by the university, will be accepted for transfer from a two-year institution. DWU has standing agreements with community colleges and technical colleges for students wishing to earn their baccalaureate degree. The registrar’s office will conduct a course-by-course evaluation of credits for all incoming transfer students.

Applying students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. To be considered for acceptance to DWU, the following items must be submitted:

  1. Application
    An official DWU application must be submitted to the admissions office. Students may submit their application online, or in person with a paper application. There is no application fee!
  2. College Transcripts
    Transfer candidates may submit unofficial transcripts for acceptance to DWU. However, official transcripts, from all previous college, university, professional school, vocational and technical school work, must be submitted once finals grades have been posted. Official transcripts bearing the original seal and signature must be sent directly from the originating institutions to the DWU Admissions Office. Any opened envelopes, scans, or copies of these transcripts will be considered unofficial.
  3. High School Transcripts
    For students who have less than one year of college coursework completed, or those wishing to pursue a degree in nursing, high school transcripts will need to be submitted for acceptance. Along with your high school transcript, a copy of your ACT or SAT test scores are required. 

Once all of your transcripts and test scores have been submitted, your file will then be reviewed for acceptance. From this stage, you will be notified of your acceptance status by the transfer coordinator. While you are waiting for your results, we encourage you to complete your FAFSA with our school code (003461). The sooner we have your FAFSA, the sooner we can provide you with an estimate of your financial assistance. 

After you have been accepted to DWU and completed your FAFSA, your next step is to prepare for course registration. The transfer coordinator will provide you with your academic scholarship amount, as well as what is next in the transfer process. Download the Transfer Student Checklist that we have created to help you through this process.