Fair Facts

Fair Facts

What is a regional science fair?

A regional science fair consists of science fair projects from area schools whose teachers deem worthy of sending to advanced competition. Normally such projects have been entered in a local science fair and have won a top award. At a regional fair, your students will have a full day to collaborate and compete with like-minded young scientists from over a dozen South Dakota counties. At the end of the day, more than 50 awards are presented not only by the fair but also by local and national corporations.

Who may participate?

All students from grades 6-12 may participate whether they are from public, private, or home schools.

Who may proceed on to the international competition?

Our regional fair selects three projects from grades 9- 12 as grand award winners. These students receive an all-expense-paid trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. In addition, two student observers are chosen to travel with the group provided they find adequate funding for the trip.

How do I assure my students of entry into the South Central Regional Fair?

If your school has not attended our regional fair before, you should call or write the assistant fair director and indicate your intent to enter students in this year’s fair. The best date is before September 1st, 2016. Read the rules online and fill out the required forms; conduct your local science fair; register your winners for the Regional Fair by March 2nd, and bring those students to the South Central South Dakota Regional Science and Engineering Fair starting at 8 a.m.

Which pages should I turn to first?

All projects require four vital forms: Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1), Student Checklist (1A), Approval Form (1B), and a Research Plan.  The teacher must:

Complete, sign, and date the Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1).  This is a good form to include their 10 digit SSP number for students in grades 9-12.
Verify the student has completed the Student Checklist (1A) correctly.
Check that the student and parent have signed and dated the Approval Form (1B).
Consult the Research Plan to see if any other forms are necessary.
Send all forms including a Research Plan (best done in Microsoft Word) to Jody Strand at Dakota Wesleyan University by October 1st or November 1st.
Wait for paperwork to be reviewed by the University and/or SRC/IRB Committee if applicable. The school’s log will be updated and emailed to the teacher indicating approval, denial, or if additional forms/information is required.

What are the rules for project entry?

Projects going on to regional competition must include a 250-word one-page abstract attached to their Registration Form by the March deadline. The abstract should include the purpose of the project, the procedures used, the data, and the conclusions.  The physical representation of the projects that are placed on display at regional competition must not include: any plant, animal, or microbe whether living or dead, chemicals, water, sharp items, flames, poisons, or other controlled substances.