COVID-19 Case Notification

I am filing this report because:
Indicate your role at DWU
Have you notified your workstudy/supervisor/coach/professors?
Where do you live?
List your symptoms
Have you been tested?
Have you been tested in the last 90 days?
Are you fully vaccinated (2 Moderna or Pfizer or 1 J& J vaccination)?
Do you have your booster vaccination?
Are you currently in isolation/quarantine?
Do you need a place for quarantine/isolation?
If isolating/quarantining on campus, do you need access to food?

Instructions for ordering food to your room:

  • You will be able to order via the food app. If you don’t put in an order, you will not be delivered food. You need to designate that this is a quarantine meal. 
  • Enter your name and residence hall in the comments section to ensure proper delivery.
  • Ordering cutoff is 9:00am for breakfast, 12:30pm for lunch, and 6:30 pm for supper (weekdays) and 12:00 pm for brunch and 6:00 pm on weekends.
  • Delivery will only occur after the cutoff time within 30 minutes and only at that time. Meals are made at the cutoff time, so they will be hot and fresh. 
  • If meals are not delivered, you can call your RA, ARD, or RD. 
  • You are allowed up to two to-go boxes. 
  • You must indicate any food allergy if needed.
  • If you want beverages, you can put your desired beverage in the comment box.
  • If you want the Chef Line, you can also put that in the comments box.

To order food: Use the FreshX App or use the following link: