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The following selective list of print and online resources has been compiled by McGovern Library staff as a starting point for research on the Vietnam War. It is not a complete listing of related materials held by McGovern Library or available online, but is intended to serve as a guide to some of the Library's resources, and as a pointer to a variety of electronic resources.

Encyclopedias And Reference Sources

Print sources available in McGovern Library:

  • Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War REF. DS557.5 .A54 2002
  • Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War REF DS557.7 .E53 1996
  • Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War REF DS557.7 E53 1998
  • Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War REF DS557.7 .S93 1995
  • Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand REF G8000 1967.N3 [Contemporary Map}
  • Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment REF UB8000 E.53 2000

Senator George S. McGovern Collection

  • Senator McGovern's Congressional career spans the Vietnam War years. For information on material in the collection contact:

    Laurie Langland
    University Archivist
    Dakota Wesleyan University
    1201 McGovern Avenue
    Mitchell, SD 57301

Searching the Library Catalog

  • Subject-heading keyword searches:
    "Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975"
    "Vietnam History,"
    Names of contemporary figures such as
    "Lyndon B Johnson"
    "John F Kennedy"
    "Richard Nixon"

  • Keyword searches combining terms such as
    "Vietnam" or "Vietnam War" with
    "prisons," "Vietnam War, MIA, Army, Air Force, etc.

  • Limit by publication year to see the most recently published resources.


Print* indexes available in McGovern Library:

  • Essay and General Literature Index
    • Sample terms to use:
      "Geneva. Conference, 1954"
      "Council of foreign ministers, 10th session, 1954, Geneva"
  • International Index to Periodicals / Social Science and Humanities Index
    • Sample terms to use:
      "Council of foreign ministers, 10th session, 1954, Geneva"
      "Military Service, Compulsory,"
      "United States - Armed Forces"
      "Vietnam (Democratic Republic)"
      "Vietnam (Republic)"
      "Vietnamese War, 1957-"
  • New York Times Index
    • Sample terms to use:
      "Vietnam," US Armament"
  • P.A.I.S.: Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service
    • Sample terms to use:
      "Geneva conference of foreign ministers, 1654"
      "Viet Nam"
      "Viet Nam (Democratic Republic)"
  • Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature
    • Sample terms to use:
      "Americans in Vietnam"
      "Conscientious Objectors"
      "Council of foreign ministers,Geneva, 1954"
      "Medical Relief Work - Vietnam (Republic)"
      "Prisoners of War"
      "Refugees, Vietnamese"
      "United States - Armed Forces - Forces in Vietnam"
      "Student Demonstrations"
      "United States - Foreign Opinion -Vietnamese Refugees"
      "United States - Foreign Relations - Vietnam (Republic)"
      "Vietnam (Democratic Republic)"
      "Vietnam (Republic)"
      "Vietnamese Crisis, 1964"
      "Vietnamese War, 1957-"
  • Social Sciences Index
    • Sample terms to use:
      "Cambodia - Claims vs. Vietnam (Republic)"
      "Cambodian Conflict"
      "Communism - Vietnam (Republic)"
      "Economic Assistance, American - Vietnam (Republic)"
      "International Conference on Vietnam"
      "Military Assistance, America - Vietnam (Republic)"
      "Military Service, Compulsory"
      "United States - Foreign Relations - Vietnam (Republic)"
      "Vietnamese in Cambodia"
      "Vietnamese in Thailand"
      "Vietnamese War, 1957-"

*Note: Contemporary (1961-1975) print indexes will be especially useful in locating articles on this topic. The majority of the library's print indexes are located on second floor preceeding the bound periodicals.

Online Indexes

  • The Times of London Digital Archive -- Four week trial running through March 3, 2014.
  • The Sunday Times of London Digital Archive -- Four week trial running through March 3, 2014.
  • Access Newspaper Archive: use to located full text contemporary newspaper coverage from various local location.
  • EBSCO Fulltext Databases: abstracts, citations and full text articles
    • Search Subject terms and select headings such as
      "Vietnamese Conflict"
      "Tonkin Gulf"
      "Tet Offensive"
      "Operation Tailwind"
      "My Lai Massacre
    • Search the People index for names such as
      "Lyndon Johnson"
      "Richard Nixon"
      "Robert McNamara
    • Combine the Index and Subject searches using Search History.
  • New York Times Historical: search for articles in the New York Times back to 1851
    • Keyword searches such as
      "Vietnam War"
      "Geneva Conference 1954" combined with "Vietnam"
    • Specific names and/or places such as
      "Ho Chi Minh Trail"
      "Lyndon Johnson"
  • Proquest Research Library : abstracts, citations and full text articles
    • Keyword searches such as
      "Vietnam War"
    • Specific names and/or places such as
      "Ho Chi Minh Trail"
      "Lyndon Johnson


Use Indexes to locate articles in older print journals held by the library.




  • Apocalypse Now DVD 656
  • Born on the Fourth of July VT 1110
  • Coming Home DVD 305
  • The Deer Hunter DVD 304
  • Flight of the Intruder DVD 298
  • Full Metal Jacket DVD 169
  • Platoon DVD 652
  • We Were SoldiersDVD 042

Geneva Conference and Geneva Accords



  • THOMAS -- US Congress on the Internet
    • Use "Vietnam War" for text searches of recent legislation and to locate items in the Congressional Record.


Military Archives and Sources

Associations, Archives, Libraries, etc.

Online Books/Documents

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