RN to Bachelors of Science FAQs

RN-BS Frequently Asked Questions

Will any of my previous courses transfer towards the bachelor’s degree?

Yes, all official transcripts are evaluated by the transcript evaluator to determine transfer credit. The DWU RN-BS nursing will accept up to 9 credits for transfer if they are upper level (300 or 400 level), meet the required number of credits, and are considered equivalent to a non-nursing DWU course required by the major.

Do I have to complete pre-requisite courses before I can begin taking nursing courses?

No, there are no surprises. You complete the plan of study (described below) and graduate.

How many credits are required to complete the degree?

The RN-BS degree requires students to complete 125 credits of college work. Upon enrollment, students have already earned 71 credits with a verified active unencumbered RN nursing license earned from an accredited nursing program located within the United States. The plan of study requires students to take an additional 21 nursing credits (7 courses) and 21 general education credits (7 courses). The final credits are earned with a minimum of 1500 hours of RN work experience verified by your employer. The credits are $25 per credit so the total cost is $300. The student applies for the last 12 credits in the last term.

How many semesters will it take to complete the program?

The RN-BS program of study is set up in 8-week terms. Students taking full time schedules complete in 14 months, while students going part time take 28 months to complete. It is important for students to consider a schedule that works for their home, family, and work life. Approximately half of enrolled students select a full time schedule while half select the part time option.

Will I have summers off?

No, students take courses year round. There is a break for Christmas. Courses end on Friday and new courses begin the following Monday.

What is the difference between a full time and part time schedule?

A full time plan of study requires students to enroll in two 3-credit courses EACH 8 weeks while a part time schedule requires students to enroll in one 3-credit course each 8 weeks.

Will I be able to use financial aid?

Yes, financial aid is available for students who qualify.

Will I have to do clinical hours?

Yes, three courses require clinical experiences. The clinical hours can be completed near your place of residence or within your facility. All clinical hours occur OUTSIDE of your scheduled work hours. You will work with course professors and qualified preceptors in setting up the experiences.