Rent a Loft

Loft Rentals

A loft is a great way to make more floor space in your room. If you’re a woman living in Dayton Hall, you can rent a safe, secure loft from DWU Housing for the following rates:

  • The cost for renting a loft is $110 per year if payment is received before July 15.
  • After July 15, the cost for loft rental is $150 for the year.
  • An optional side rail is available for an additional $10.
  • After setup, there is a $50 fee for moving your loft to another room.


Rent Your Loft

If you’re interested in renting a loft, simply fill out this form.  

Side Rails


If you have any questions about renting a loft, contact us online or call the residence life office at (605) 995-2942.