We, the students of Dakota Wesleyan University, in order to form an effective system of student government, do establish this constitution for the student body of Dakota Wesleyan University; in accordance with the established rules and regulations of the university. This body will be known as the Student Association of Dakota Wesleyan University.


Section A - Name

Part 1. The name of this organization is "Dakota Wesleyan University Student Association," here after referred to as the "Association."

Section B - Membership

Part 1. Full time students are required to pay full student association fees. Payment of fees establishes membership.

Part 2. All students paying full Association fees shall be considered full members of the Association and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges accorded by the Association and Constitution.

Section C - Meetings

Part 1. The Association shall meet:

A. At the call of the President of the Association and Senate.
B. At the signed request of ten percent (10%) of the members of the Association; such request shall be presented to an officer of the Association, and indicate the purpose of the meeting. The meeting shall be called within five school days.


Section A - Student Senate

Part 1. The Association shall conduct its affairs through a standing body of elected and appointed students. This body shall be known as the Dakota Wesleyan University Student Association Senate, here after referred to as "Senate."

Section B - Purpose

Part 1. The Senate shall be the governing body of the Association.

Part 2. The purpose of this Senate shall be to represent the opinions of the the students, in conformity with this Constitution, current By-laws, and existing university policies.

Part 3. It is the duty of the Senate to serve as the medium through which student opinion and desires are presented to faculty, staff, and administration.

Section C - Powers and Responsibilities of the Senate

Part 1. The Senate shall be responsible for all disbursements from Student Association Fees.

Part 2. The Senate may support with financial assistance any campus activities, clubs, and organizations it considers appropriate and of merit.

Part 3. The Senate may also aid in the funding of equipment or supplies for the university or any student activity which it deems appropriate.

Part 4. It is the duty of the Senate to consider and act upon matters referred to it by the faculty, staff, administration, organization or any student.

Part 5. The Senate has the power to create and establish special committees and task forces.

A. The President with the approval of the Senate must appoint a chairperson.
B. At least one Senator must sit on the committee.
C. Any Association member may sit on the committee.
D. The committee or task force will exist until purpose is completed or end of the current year, which ever comes first.
E. A committee which needs to continue longer must be re-appointed at the beginning of the next year.

Part 6. Senate has specific authority over the following events.

A. Blue & White Days. The responsibility for homecoming activities rests with the Senate, accomplished through the Homecoming Committee.

1. A Homecoming Committee Chairperson shall be elected by the Association.
2. The Elections Committee shall supervise the election of a Homecoming King and Queen as well as a Beanie King and Queen.
3. Refer to Election and Homecoming guidelines for further instruction.
B. Selection of the Scotchman and Miss Wesleyan. The responsibility for selection of these honors rests with the Senate, accomplished through a selection committee.
1. The Election Committee shall supervise the nominations of candidates for Scotchman and Miss Wesleyan.
2. The Election Committee shall pass the slate of candidates on to the Final Selection Committee.
3. Refer to the Scotchman and Miss Wesleyan and Elections Committee guidelines for further instructions.

Part 7. The Senate reserves the right to grant permission for fund raising.

A. The Senate Vice President must be notified of any on campus fund raising to prevent conflict between organizations.
B. In the event of conflict, the matters shall be brought to the vote of the Senate.
C. Any off campus fundraising activity should be cleared with the Vice President for Campus Life.

Section D - Officers

Part 1. The officers of this Association and Senate, also known as the Executive Council, shall be:

A. President
B. Vice President
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Parliamentarian

Part 2. The five officers must have sat on the Senate for one year previous to election or appointment.

Part 3. The office of President and Vice President are limited to those persons who are academically Juniors and Seniors during the year the office is held.

Part 4. All candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or better.

Section E - Duties of Officers

Part 1. Duties of Officers of the Association and Senate are defined in the Senate Bylaws.

Section F - Members of the Senate

Part 1. The Requirements of election are contained in the Election Committee guidelines.

Part 2. The following shall be recognized as Senators on the Senate.

A. Elected chairpersons of the following standing committees:

1. Homecoming
2. Student Activities Board
3. Religious Life Council

B. Representatives from the following standing committees:

1. Publications Board
2. Recreational Sports

C. Senate may authorize on At-Large Representative for every 100 members or part thereof the Students Association to be determined after fall registration.
D. One representative from each Student Association recognized club or organizations.
E. One Senator from each class.

Part 3. Non-voting members

A. Officers of the Student Association and Senate
B. Faculty and/or Staff advisors
C. Vice President for Campus Life

Part 4. Length of Term

A. The length of term for the voting members shall be one academic year.
B. The following will be elected in the spring semester to begin serving ceremonially at the Spring Transitional Meeting, officially on the following June 1:
1. At Large Senators (4), two of whom should be a male and a female athlete.
2. Class Senators, except Freshman Class
3. Executive Officers
4. Homecoming Chairperson
5. Religious Life Council Chairperson
6. Student Activities Board Chairperson
C. The Freshman Class Senator and remaining Senators at-large shall be elected in the fall of the following year to serve until the Spring Transition Meeting.

Section G - Senate Committees and Organizations

Part 1. Standing Committees

A. Association Property Committee
B. Bylaws
C. Elections Committee
D. Finance Committee
E. Homecoming
F. Personnel Committee
G. Publications Board
H. Recreational Sports
I. Religious Life Council
J. Student Activities Board

Part 2. Recognized Organizations

A. Organizations must present bylaws and be formally recognized by a vote of the Senate.
B. To receive Senate Funding, these organizations must submit a written budget request two weeks prior to the scheduled Finance Committee Budget Meeting.
C. Refer to Senate Bylaws for procedure and policy regarding organization recognition.

Section H - Removal from Office

Part 1. For a just cause, any officer of the Association or Senate may be removed from office by a two-third majority vote of the voting Association.

Part 2. The vote may be initiated by action of the Senate itself, by petition presented to the Senate which is signed by at least ten percent (10%) of the members of the Association. When so petitioned, it is mandatory that the Senate call for and conduct such a vote within seven to ten school days.

Part 3. See Personnel Committee guidelines for further instruction on removals of office.

Section I - Filling of Vacancies

Part 1. Vacancies in an office shall be filled by the Senate through special election of any full time member of the Association.

Section J - Elections

Part 1. Elections of the new Senate shall take place at least three weeks prior to the last day of classes.

Part 2. The Elections Committee shall be responsible for holding Senate elections for the next year.

Part 3. Refer to the Elections Committee guidelines for further direction concerning election.

Section K - Financial Obligations

Part 1. The Senate shall grant Leadership Scholarships as compensation, as determined by the Senate prior to the general special election, at the end of each semester.

Part 2. The Senate shall absorb the cost of the Association and Senate Office clerical work.

Part 3. Refer to Senate Bylaws for further information of Senate financial obligations.

Section L - Special Meetings

Part 1. The President has the right to call Senate meetings any time he/she deems necessary.

Part 2. A quorum of current Senators has the ability to call a Senate meeting.

Part 3. Senators must have written notice of regular Senate meetings within 24 hours; emergency meetings shall be the exception to the rule.

Part 4. Senate meetings shall follow general parliamentary procedure at the discretion of the president and consist of old and new business as well as reports from the following: Officers, appropriate Senate Standing Committees, Special Committees, Recognized Organizations.


Section A - Amendments and Changes

Part 1. Amendments and Changes may be made to this Constitution with a two-thirds majority vote of the Senate and an approval of the Association.
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