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The McGovern Center is the living legacy of Sen. George and Eleanor McGovern, two of Dakota Wesleyan’s most prominent alumni. Building on George and Eleanor’s lifelong commitment to humanitarian outreach and civic engagement, the McGovern Center works in four key areas.

Ethical Leadership:  The McGovern Center seeks to cultivate leaders of integrity who are committed to civic responsibility in their communities.

Social Justice: The McGovern Center fosters dialogue encouraging individuals to think ethically and holistically about education, health and nutrition, housing, criminal justice, and sustainable development, and the ways society’s approach to these issues impacts the common good.

Public Service: The McGovern Center facilitates opportunities for everyone to serve others in meaningful ways through hard work and humility, creativity, and compassion.

Community-Based Research and Learning: The McGovern Center seeks to serve its community and region through the creation and facilitation of learning experiences committed to strengthening the common good and the connectedness and resiliency of our communities.

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The McGovern Report is the voice of the McGovern Center for Leadership and Public Service at Dakota Wesleyan University. Listen in for interviews with McGovern scholars, faculty and students at Dakota Wesleyan University and others. New episodes come out monthly.
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Joel Allen

Joel Allen

Chair of the Department of Religion and Philosophy | Director of the McGovern Center

Phone: (605) 995-2937