McGovern Center

Welcome to the McGovern Center

The McGovern Center is the living legacy of Sen. George and Eleanor McGovern, two of Dakota Wesleyan’s most prominent alumni. Building on George and Eleanor’s lifelong commitment to humanitarian outreach and civic engagement, the McGovern Center works in four key areas.



Leadership Development:  We organize volunteer service opportunities locally and globally that challenge students to explore their strengths in leadership, collaboration, and problem solving.  

Community Based Research and Learning:  We help faculty and community partners to design integrated student learning experiences within academic courses that move beyond the classroom and into real-world community engagement.

Social Justice: We foster dialogue that encourages students to consider the ethical and social dimensions of education, health and nutrition, affordable housing, criminal justice, and many other areas.

Public Service: At heart, the McGovern Center is about learning to serve others in meaningful ways through hard work and humility, creativity and compassion.