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Explore the world of finance with the confidence to oversee the financial needs of business and accounting firms.

    Allied Health

    Be ready for the positions that comprise over half the jobs in healthcare today, such as medical technologist, occupational therapist or physical therapist.

      Athletic Training

      An exciting career in sports healthcare and rehabilitation, using hands-on learning experiences, is waiting for you in our Master’s in Athletic Training program.

        Behavioral Sciences

        Explore the vast universe of human behavior.


          Explore the living things around you, while you investigate the complexity of life processes in animals and plants.


            Sequence DNA or discover a new spider species. Study biology with professors with backgrounds spanning from plant ecology to human immune systems.

              Business Administration

              As a business administration major at DWU, you’ll prepare for limitless career choices in the professional world.


                If problem solving is your thing, you'll fit right in at DWU. As a chemistry major, you’ll study the elements that make up our world, including the composition, behavior and chemical change of matter.

                  Christian Leadership

                  A degree in Christian leadership will help you impact a faith community and find satisfaction in a life of service and discipleship.


                    Excellent communication skills are sought by every employer, and it’s a true professional who elevates the skill of communicating to an art.

                      Creative Writing

                      Do you aspire to write fiction, poetry or screenplays? A minor in creative writing will give you a solid foundation in English so you can pursue being a professional creative writer.

                        Criminal Justice

                        Discover ways to use your talents for law, law enforcement, juvenile support, corrections, court reporting or many other ways that are a part of the United States legal system.

                          Digital Media and Design

                          The ever-growing technology industry needs talented people like you to create and design digital elements for countless applications.


                            You can have a profound impact on the next generation when you enroll in an education program at DWU.


                              Ready to read, write, think and explore? An English major prepares you to think, analyze and explain language, and is an excellent fit for a communication or teaching career. 

                                English Literature

                                Immerse yourself in the written word. Explore cultures and experiences through European, British and American authors.

                                  Entrepreneurial Leadership

                                  Entrepreneur is not a job title – it’s a way of thinking. Entrepreneurship involves innovation, curiosity and risk.

                                    Exercise Science

                                    Exercising and maintaining a healthy body takes motivation and hard work. Use your passion for gym time with a exercise science degree from DWU.

                                      Forensic Science and Investigation

                                      Interested in crime investigation and forensic science? Take classes focusing on chemistry and the methods of criminal investigation.

                                        General Science

                                        Study the wonders of biological and physical sciences. Go from measuring chemicals in the lab to examining plant life outdoors. Enjoy hands-on learning with professors, both in the classroom and in nature.

                                          General Studies

                                          Take a trip down a liberal arts path with a major in general studies. Improve your leadership and communication skills, cultivate roots in service and stewardship, and prepare for a variety of careers that make a difference in the world.


                                            Pursue the intricacies of history at DWU. Through your exploration, your critical thinking skills will be tested as you read, review, research and write.


                                              Develop your love for math. Learn the skills to harness theories, understand technology application, and present research with confidence.  


                                                Join Dakota Wesleyan’s musical family as a vocalist or instrumentalist. Study and perform whether you are a major, a minor or you just need a little bit more music in your life.

                                                  Nonprofit Administration

                                                  The nonprofit sector is the third largest employment sector in the United States and Dakota Wesleyan University offers the only nonprofit administration major in the region.


                                                    Our nursing programs are among the best in the region. As a nursing student, you will learn and grow within a community of support.

                                                      Political Science

                                                      Embrace your interest in politics. Pursue a career in law, government or education with a minor in political science.


                                                        Is a career in law in your future? Dakota Wesleyan recommends pairing your pre-law major with a minor in history, communication, economics or political science.

                                                          Pre-Medicine and Related Health Professions

                                                          Pursuing a degree in medicine or another health profession after Dakota Wesleyan? Our advantage is the faculty.

                                                            Pre-Physical Therapy

                                                            Help sick or injured people improve their mobility and manage pain. Rehabilitate someone who has been injured or be an advocate for those with chronic conditions.


                                                              Called to ministry, and want to become an ordained pastor? Pre-theology coursework at Dakota Wesleyan University will help guide you on your path to seminary.


                                                                Our psychology major will take you on an exploration of human behavior from biological, behavioral, cognitive, social and cultural viewpoints.

                                                                  Religious Studies

                                                                  Explore world religions, ethical decision-making, biblical studies and theological perspectives. With this basis, you will understand the connections and diversions of humankind. With class lectures, discussions and your own research, you'll sharpen your analytical thinking skills.


                                                                    Learn how to understand human dynamics related to family, religion, economics, government and education.

                                                                      Sports Management

                                                                      Become a valuable player in any sports organization and embrace your love of athletics.


                                                                        Turn your love for acting, storytelling, and performance into a theatre career, either on stage or behind the scenes.

                                                                          United Theological Seminary Partnership

                                                                          Dakota Wesleyan University and United Theological Seminary have partnered together to offer ministry professionals a variety of educational opportunities.

                                                                            Wildlife Management

                                                                            Embrace an outdoor lifestyle and promote environmental stewardship with a degree in Wildlife Management.

                                                                              What major should I choose if I'm undecided?

                                                                              Our Academic and Career Services Center is here to help you find and use your strengths, connect your talents with your educational goals and give you the clarity and focus you need to succeed well after you graduate from DWU.

                                                                              Can’t find what you are dreaming of?

                                                                              Not to worry. There is always the option to work toward creating a major that fits you. Our advisers will get to know you and your goals to create a major tailored to your needs.


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