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Pursue the intricacies of history at DWU. Through your exploration, your critical thinking skills will be tested as you read, review, research and write. You’ll be better prepared for the future with a firm grasp on the past.

What jobs can you do with a
history degree? 

Embark on an amazing adventure. Past DWU history graduates are now in fulfilling careers as:

History teachers
Museum curators
Federal government officials 

What's the Difference at DWU? 

  • Visit the some of the most historical moments of the past and deepen your understanding of the human condition.  
  • Examine historical documents, raise historic questions and share ideas with peers and the larger community.  
  • As an intellectual discipline, history will teach you to read critically, think analytically and communicate effectively.  
  • Looking toward law school? Get help prepping for the LSAT. 

History Courses

Revisit the past. Pair your critical thinking and communication skills with a
major or minor in history.

HIS 101 World History I

3 Hours
This course is a general survey of the history of world civilizations from ancient times to approximately 1500.

HIS 102 World History II

3 Hours
This course is the second half of a general survey of the development of civilizations from ancient times to the present, including discussion of the nature of history, the political and cultural advancement ofcivilizations and their interactions. HIS102 covers the time period since approximately 1600 A.D. General Education: History (effective by 2009)

HIS 141 History of the Modern World

This course surveys the historical contours of world civilizations with attention to their geographical settings and contexts since approximately 1500. It considers the larger meaning and significance of these civilizations’ respective contributions to the development of the modern world. This course is a breadth of knowledge course as designated by Dakota Wesleyan’s general education program. Breadth of knowledge courses expose students to knowledge and concepts that Dakota Wesleyan University believes all its graduates should possess.

HIS 201 United States History I

3 Hours
This course is the first half of a study of U.S. history from the colonial period to the present. Special emphasis is given to problem-solving techniques using historical case studies. HIS 201 covers the time period to approximately 1877.

HIS 202 United States History II

3 Hours
This course is the second half of a study of U.S. history from the colonial period to the present. HIS 202 covers the time period since approximately 1877.

HIS 301 Early American History

3 Hours
Students will examine the colonial and revolutionary foundations of the United States. They will explore the cultures and interactions of Europeans, Native Americans and Africans in the colonial context, the causes for discontent among the colonists and the course of the American Revolution.

HIS 302 America Since 1945

3 Hours
Students in this course will explore the political, social, economic and cultural history of the United States from 1945 to the present. Themes of special consideration include pop culture, social reform movements, political realignments and the domestic impact of international conflict and global change.

HIS 304 History of American Sports

3 Hours
This course will explore the evolution of American Sports from the colonial period to the present with an emphasis on the 20th and 21st centuries. We will highlight athletes and events that define the American Sports experience.

HIS 310 History of the British Empire

3 Hours
This course explores the origins, rise and fall of the British Empire, covering nearly the entire globe from approximately the 16th century into the 20th century. The course examines the political, social, economic and cultural dimensions of the British imperial experience. The history of British imperialism will be considered from the perspective of the colonizer and the colonized and in ways that improve our understanding of the modern world.

HIS 311 Europe Since World War I

3 Hours
This course explores political, economic, and social developments in 20th-century Europe and Russia. Major topics will include World War I, the Russian Revolution, fascism and authoritarianism, World War II, the Cold War, and the European Union.

HIS 313 Latin American History

3 Hours
This course surveys the political, social, economic and cultural history of Latin America from precolonial times to the present. It examines Latin America’s indigenous foundations, colonial experience, independence movements, 19th-century nation building and national developments in the 20th century. The course will also address the historical relationship between the United States and Latin American nations. General Education: Cultural Awareness (Prior to Fall 2009)

HIS 330 History of South Dakota

3 Hours
This course is a survey of the history of South Dakota. Topics include geography, early explorations, American Indian life, and the political, economic and cultural developments after white settlement. HIS 330 is required for all history education majors.

HIS 335 Native American History

3 Hours
This course surveys the history of Native Americans from precontact to the present. The course will begin with an examination of the diverse cultures of Native America prior to European contact and will conclude with an examination of contemporary issues and experiences. The course will give particular attention to the historical experiences of Native Americans with the United States and the historical evolution of federal Indian policy.

HIS 351 American Foreign Policy

3 Hours
This course examines the history of U.S. foreign affairs since World War II and the institutions, political forces and emerging issues shaping current foreign policy. Particular emphasis will be placed on the foreign policy record of recent presidents, the politics of foreign affairs and emerging international rivals.

HIS 355 The U.S. Constitution

3 Hours
Refer to POL 355

HIS 381 The Civil War

3 Hours
This course will focus on the origins and causes of the Civil War, the course of the war itself and the legacy that the Civil War holds for us, as Americans, as we enter the 21st century.

HIS 382 World War I

3 Hours
Students will examine the origins, course, and legacy of the First World War. Lectures and discussions will be supplemented by film viewings and readings from DWU's World War I documents website.

HIS 383 World War II

3 Hours
Students will examine the origins, course and legacy of World War II, with attention paid to both the European and Pacific theaters

HIS 384 The Korean and Vietnam Wars

3 Hours
This class explores the origins, course and legacy of America’s involvement in the two hot wars of the Cold War era. Guest speakers and analysis of Vietnam War historiography enhance students’ understanding of Vietnam War history.

HIS 386 Modern Asia

3 Hours
This course surveys the history of the Asia-Pacific region from the 19th century to the present. The course will be particularly focused on political developments and international relations in the region during this time period. Cross-listed as POL 386

HIS 401 Historical Research and Writing

3 Hours
In this capstone course, students will practice the art and craft of historical writing. A research project is required. Required for all history majors. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing or consent of the instructor.

Get to Know Your Professors

Travel back into the past with DWU professors. As a history major, you will work directly with faculty who specialize in American, military, diplomatic and environmental history.

Sean Flynn, Ph.D.

Professor in the Department of History


Want to pursue an internship? As a student studying history, you have lots of options. Former Dakota Wesleyan history students have held internships at the national, state and local levels. Chat with your adviser to see how you can find an internship to gain the experience you need. 

Interested in Law School?

 Law schools are looking for students with reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, analytical reasoning and clear communication. When considering majors and minors, desirable areas of emphasis are communications, history, political science and economics.  

At DWU, we'll support you in your preparation of the Law School Admission Test (LSTAT). The Association of American Law Schools does not have a specific list of required courses or extracurricular activities. Tell your adviser you would like to pursue law school.  

Learn more about Pre-Law at DWU. 

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