History Education

Bring History to the Present . . . and Beyond

If you love studying world events, consider becoming a history teacher to the next generation! Inspire a passion for past in your future students. Study genres in history, and learn contemporary teaching methods. Teach lessons from the past with the latest technologies. After you graduate from DWU, you'll be able to teach 7-12 graders how to understand history through the ages.

Explore History Education

As you grow into your teaching education, you will work with your professors to further develop your passion for explaining history.

What's the Difference? 

  • Attend classes, meetings and labs within a preK-5 elementary school located right on our campus.
  • Learn from DWU’s amazing professors; our low student-to-teacher ratio provides valuable
    one-on-one time with your mentors.
  • Complete more than 300 hours of classroom experience.
  • Design your unique one-semester student teaching capstone.
  • 100% of DWU education graduates are working as teachers or attending graduate school.  

History Education Courses

You will take a wide array of courses providing you with both the fundamentals of classroom teaching and the specific knowledge needed within your chosen specialty. History Education students takes classes like:

HIS 360 Middle and Secondary History Teaching Methods
3 Hours
This course is a survey of history teaching standards and methods at the middle and secondary levels. Although the course will address state and national standards in social studies and provide some brief introductions to other social studies disciplines, it will largely focus on the theories and methods of teaching history at the middle and secondary levels. The course is a required course for all history education majors. Prerequisites: HIS 101, HIS 141, HIS 201, HIS 202 and EDU 201, or consent of the instructor and the chair.
EDU 465 Classroom Management for the K-12 Educator
3 Hours
This course will involve the study of strategies for creating successful K–12 learning communities, planning for the school year, developing positive relationships with the students, working with families, establishing classroom procedures and rules, maintaining appropriate behavior, preventing, managing and responding to inappropriate behaviors, motivating students to learn and responding to inappropriate behaviors. Different practices of classroom management will be explored. School law, professional practice, and teacher ethics will also be covered. This course requires a field experience. This course is part of the spring practicum experience for elementary education majors. Courses include in the spring practicum for elementary education majors are: EDU 424, EDU 444 and EDU 465. Secondary education majors are strongly advised to take this course at the same time as EDU 424. Prerequisite: EDU 201. Corequisites for elementary education majors: EDU 424 and EDU 444. Corequisites for secondary education majors: EDU 424 or approval of department chair.
SPD 470 Student Teaching K-12 Special Education
14 Hours
Candidates will student teach for 70 school days under the supervision of a certified special education teacher. The student teacher will be assigned to an elementary placement for 35 days and secondary placement for 35 days. This course is part of the professional semester and is taken with a two-credit seminar, which is part of the 16 hours for degree candidates. Candidates also meet during the professional semester for seminar requirements. This course is offered credit/no credit only. The DWU Student Teacher Handbook and seminar syllabus serve as the course syllabus. Prerequisites: Completion of all coursework required for graduation, 2.6 GPA submission of passing scores on required Praxis tests, admission from the education department faculty and approval for student teaching placement.
EDU 412 Adolescent Learners' Needs
3 Hours
This course will help prepare candidates to teach at the middle grade level. The course will develop an understanding of the middle school concept and the instructional strategies that support that concept. Field experience at the middle level will be required. Prerequisite: EDU 201.
HIS 330 History of South Dakota
3 Hours
This course is a survey of the history of South Dakota. Topics include geography, early explorations, American Indian life, and the political, economic and cultural developments after white settlement. HIS 330 is required for all history education majors.
HIS 102 World History II
3 Hours
This course is the second half of a general survey of the development of civilizations from ancient times to the present, including discussion of the nature of history, the political and cultural advancement ofcivilizations and their interactions. HIS102 covers the time period since approximately 1600 A.D. General Education: History (effective by 2009)
HIS 101 World History I
3 Hours
This course is a general survey of the history of world civilizations from ancient times to approximately 1500.

Get to Know Your Professors

Become a teacher and learn from our fabulous teachers! Our low student-to-teacher ratio offers valuable one-on-one interaction with professors.

Ashley Digmann, Ed.D.

Education Department Chair

Sean Flynn, Ph.D.

Professor in the Department of History

Student Teaching

Don't worry about being on your own. Experience a full semester of student teaching before you graduate! You’ll complete at least 300 hours in the classroom in our program, so you'll start your career after college with confidence. Engage in classroom activities with local students and learn with your peers under faculty supervision.  

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