Tuition & Fees

We can help make a DWU education possible for you

No doubt about it: college is expensive. Fortunately, we can help.  

EVERY student receives some form of financial aid. On average, Wesleyan students receive $24,000 in financial aid. That amount includes scholarships and grants, but not loans.

"When I transferred to DWU from a state school, I found that my out-of-pocket costs were about the same, even though I expected DWU to cost a lot more. Wesleyan offers a lot of scholarships, making my actual cost very manageable. All of my credits were accepted by DWU, so I didn’t lose anything when I transferred. Plus, I feel like I’m getting a higher quality education at DWU."
- Codi, accounting major

2023-24 Costs 

Tuition costs are based on 12-16 credit hours per semester. 

  • Tuition: $31,700 
  • Student Services and Activities: $490 
  • Technology Fee: $700 
  • Room and Board: $7,600 
    Total*: $40,490 

    *These costs are based on 12-16 credit hours per semester and the average room and board plan. Actual fees may vary. This amount does not include books, travel or personal expenses.

Rewarding Your Strengths. 

Students who apply and are accepted for admission will be sutomatically considered for academic scholarships based on their high school GPA. Transfer students are awarded an academic scholarship based on their college GPA.  Visit with an admissions counselor for more details. 

High school seniors have an opportunity to compete for DWU’s top scholarships at our competitive scholarship days

Many scholarships are available, and numerous loan and grant programs can also supplement the cost. DWU’s experienced team is dedicated to making the financial aid process work for each student.  



Please email us or give us a call.  

Phone: (605) 995-2650 
Email: admissions@dwu.edu