Transfer Students

Is it time to make a change? Make DWU your next step

Dakota Wesleyan offers small class sizes, personal attention, and an environment where you can thrive.

“I transferred to DWU to be a part of this special community. At DWU, every student is so much more than just another number. Everyone here is so invested in preparing you for the best possible future.”

– Jada, DWU transfer student  

Transferring to DWU is Easy

Transferring to another college shouldn't be stressful. At DWU, we'll make this process a smooth transition for you and your family. 


We accept applications from all qualified students seeking to transfer from accredited colleges, universities, professional and vocational schools. 

In order to be accepted to DWU: 

  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 from a previous college/university. 
  • You must be in good standing with all previous institutions. 
  • If you have not completed one full year at a professional/vocational school, college or university, you must have a 2.0 high school GPA. 

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Requirements for Transfer  


An official DWU application must be submitted to the admissions office. There is no application fee! 
Ready to apply? Complete the DWU undergraduate application now.

Submit All Official College Transcripts
College Transcripts 

You may submit unofficial transcripts for acceptance to DWU. However, official transcripts, from all previous colleges, universities, professional and vocational schools, and technical schools must be submitted once your finals grades have been posted. Official transcripts bearing the original seal and signature must be sent directly from the originating institutions to the DWU Admissions Office. Any opened envelopes, scans, or copies of these transcripts will be considered unofficial. 

High School Transcripts

If you have less than one year of college coursework completed or if you wish to pursue a degree in nursing, high school transcripts will need to be submitted for acceptance. 

Once all of your transcripts have been submitted, your file will then be reviewed for acceptance. Upon completion of the review, you will be notified of your acceptance status by DWU.

Apply for Financial Aid

We encourage you to complete your FAFSA with our school code (003461). The sooner we have your FAFSA, the sooner we can provide you with an estimate of your financial assistance.

DWU School Code = 003461

Pay Enrollment Confirmation

Submit a $200 enrollment confirmation. You can pay in person (cash, check or credit card), by phone or online.  

Business Office 
Dakota Wesleyan University 
1200 W. University Ave. 
Mitchell, SD 57301 

If you have any questions about paying, connect with our accounts receivable specialist.  

Kerri Fahey

Accounts Receivable Specialist
Complete Online Housing Form

Please fill out the online housing form so we can connect you with your living arrangements. 

Submit Mandatory Health Forms

Complete your health forms. Your DWU admissions counselor will help you with this.  

Register for Courses

After you have been accepted to DWU, completed your FAFSA and paid your deposit, it’s time to register for classes.  

Need help keeping track of everything? Download the Transfer Student Checklist to help with the process.

Transfer Student FAQs 

What is DWU’s definition of a transfer?

A transfer student is anyone applying for admission to Dakota Wesleyan University who attended a college or university after high school graduation. If you are completing college courses while in high school, you are considered a freshman and not a transfer student. 

Will I be accepted to DWU?

In order to be accepted to DWU: 

  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 from a previous college/university. 
  • You must be in good standing with all previous institutions. 
  • If you have not completed one full year at a college or university, you must have a 2.0 high school GPA.
What will I need to submit before I am accepted?

After you apply to DWU, you will need to submit your transcripts, apply for financial aid, pay an enrollment confirmation fee, complete an online housing form, submit mandatory health forms, and register for classes. Don’t worry – we’ll be with you every step of the way! Keep track of everything with our checklist.

Do I need to provide my high school transcripts?

Your DWU transfer coordinator will inform you if your high school transcript is needed.

What deadlines does DWU have for incoming students?

Priority deadline for financial aid is Feb. 1. This includes the completion and submission of your FAFSA.

What steps do I need to take if I’m an athlete?

If the coaching staff has already contacted you, they likely will have directed you to apply and contact your transfer coordinator. If you have not been contacted, we encourage you to fill out a questionnaire letting us know which sport you are interested in participating in. You can access the form here.

It is also essential that you request your release from your current institution to comply with NAIA recruitment efforts. The coaching staff will work with you on this matter, as well as walking you through the NAIA registration process. If you have questions about who to contact or any general athletic questions, please contact the athletic department at 605-995-2112 

Will my credits transfer in to DWU? If so, how many?
  • The DWU registrar will evaluate your transcript(s). 
  • If you are transferring from a community or technical college, you will receive up to 60 transferring credits from your respective institution. 
  • If you are transferring from a four-year university, you will receive as many credits as approved by the DWU registrar. 
  • DWU will not accept developmental credits.  
  • Any questions or concerns regarding whether a credit will be transferred to DWU will be at the discretion of the registrar and the department chair.  
What scholarships are available through DWU?

Academic scholarships are available to you based on your previous GPA. In order to qualify, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. 

4.0 GPA: $16,000
3.75 - 3.99 GPA: $14,750
2.50 - 3.74 GPA: $13,750
3.00 - 3.49 GPA: $13,000  
2.99 or below: $10,000  

Athletic, Performing Arts, Student Ministry, and eSports scholarships are also available. Scholarship amounts are determined by coaches and directors. 

Members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Chapter may qualify for an additional scholarship up to $2,000. Be sure to submit your proof of membership to your admissions counselor.  

Members of the United Methodist Church also qualify for a $1,000 annual scholarship. 

Additional outside scholarships are available to all students.

How much will it cost to attend DWU? Does it change if I’m from out of state?

There is no difference in cost whether you are from South Dakota or from elsewhere. For tuition costs and other expenses, please visit our tuition and fees page.

I’m accepted! Now what do I need to do?

Congratulations on your acceptance, and welcome to the DWU family! DWU will review any outstanding documents so you can register for classes. When you have registered for classes, we will also need your financial aid promissory note, medical records, athletic letter of intent (for student-athletes) and any other paperwork requested by DWU. You should also contact the business office to set up billing information and payment plans.


Partner Institutions

DWU has standing agreements with community and technical colleges to make the transfer process easier. These agreements allow you to complete a bachelor’s degree at DWU using credit earned in specific programs at other institutions. Often, the degree or program completed at your prior institution will become your minor at DWU. In other instances, the agreement allows the application of those prior courses as part of your DWU major. 

Our partnering institutions and the corresponding programs are listed below. If you find your current school and/or program is not listed, this does not mean your credits will not be accepted. For all incoming students, a course-by-course transcript evaluation will be completed by the registrar’s office. 

Mitchell Technical College (Mitchell, S.D.)

DWU and Mitchell Tech

DWU and Mitchell Tech have a long-standing partnership in helping students reach their goals.  From taking programs at both DWU and Mitchell Tech at the same time to transferring from Mitchell Tech when you are done with your associate’s degree, you can expect transferring to be a smooth and hassle-free process. 

Programs that qualify: 

Northeast Community College (Norfolk, Neb.)

Northeast Community College grads make great Tigers!  We promise to work with you to transfer your credits and to make the transition as easy as possible.  DWU and NECC have partnered to provide a hassle-free transfer process to you can complete your bachelor's degree quickly and affordably.  

Northeast Community College Transfer Scholarship

Northeast students who enroll will be awarded $1,000 Northeast Transfer Scholarship.  This scholarship will be applied towards your first year of tuition. 

Programs that qualify:

Western Dakota Tech (Rapid City, S.D.)

Programs that qualify: 

Lake Area Technical College (Watertown, S.D.)

Programs that qualify:



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