Study Human Behavior

Learn how to understand human dynamics related to family, religion, economics, government and education. A minor in sociology will examine topics like wealth and poverty, deviant behavior, criminal justice, values, self-identity, social change, ethnic groups, war and peace, and the effects of social groups upon individual behavior and thought.

What jobs can you do with a
sociology degree?

This program is designed to provide basic skills and knowledge needed by professions that:

Involve working
with people

Prepare students for graduate study in the field of sociology 

Help people adapt to community and other societal activities 

Sociology Courses

Curious what courses you'll complete? You'll study subjects such as:

SOC 152 Introduction to Sociology

3 Hours
This course is an introduction to the study of groups, institutions and interactional processes in human societies with an emphasis on the society of the United States.

SOC 154 Marriage and the Family

3 Hours
This course is an introduction to the sociological study of marriage and family relations in the United States and other cultures. Students will approach topics such as kinship, courtship, parenting, sexuality, gender issues, marital life, divorce and post marital adjustment sociologically, historically and comparatively.

SOC 312 Methods of Social Research

3 Hours
This course is an introduction to the research process as applied to social and psychological subjects. Students will study problem formulation, research design, instrument design, project administration, data analysis and interpretation, report writing and issues in research. A research project is required. Students interested in obtaining a social work license in South Dakota or graduate study in sociology need this course.

SOC 317 Minority Groups

3 Hours
This course is a sociological investigation of minority/majority group relations and discriminatory practices, social-psychological analysis of individual prejudicial attitudes, historical and cultural study of specific minority groups, such as American Indians, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and women, and religious, ethnic and racial groups in the United States and other countries.

SOC 332 Social Psychology

3 Hours
Students will study individual attitudes, self-development and behavior as affected by group interaction. Attention is given to socio-biology, symbolic interactionism, Freudian psychology and experimental social psychology.

Get to Know Your Professors

Learn from teachers who know how to integrate sociology concepts into many disciplines. Our low student-to-teacher ratio offers valuable one-on-one interaction.

Anne Kelly, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology | Dean of the Ron and Sheilah Gates College of Business, Education and Social Science

Find Your Strength in Sociology

DWU will prepare you for many careers related to sociology. Or explore one of our related majors.

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