Explore the English Language

Ready to read, write, think and explore? An English major prepares you to think, analyze and explain language, and is an excellent fit for a communication or teaching career. Enjoy one-on-one instruction in reading and writing, and discover various communication formats. 

What jobs can you do with a
english degree?

Build a strong foundation in language and use it in various careers. Apply your literary ability in positions such as: 

Web content developer 

Marketing copywriter

Technical writer or grant writer  

Social media coordinator


Internships and Opportunities 

Previous DWU students have taken on many opportunities while pursuing an English degree.  

Explore and find interactive learning that fits your interests. 

  • Internship with the Mitchell Republic newspaper.  
  • Become a peer tutor for English with TRIO. 
  • Assist a DWU department with social media content.  
  • Work with elementary students at L.B. Williams Elementary School. 

English Courses

Open the world of English and American authors. Dive into classics and expand your repertoire of stories with these classes.

ENG 201 Intro to Literary Analysis

3 Hours
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of literary study, including critical terms, and focuses on contemporary world literature with equal proportions of Western and non-Western work. Students will discuss fiction, poetry and drama by internationally known authors.

ENG 202 Creative Writing I

3 Hours
This course provides a workshop environment that combines creative writing and criticism. Students work in the three major genres: poetry, fiction and drama. Selections of students' work are offered to our literary journal, "Prairie Winds", and to the Agnes Hyde Writing Contest.

ENG 215 Business and Technical Writing

3 Hours
Students will be introduced to professional expectations for written communication in the workplace and on the Web. Students will develop an understanding of purpose and audience while writing and revising a variety of goal-oriented projects. In preparation for a research project, students will develop a variety of texts, including memos, letters, analytical reports, presentation and proposals. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENG 111.

ENG 216 Content Strategies for Digital Media

3 Hours
This course introduces students to the basic principles of content strategy and how they can be applied to various digital platforms. In this course, students will hone the ability to create engaging written and visual content by identifying, analyzing and responding to consumer demographics and brand characteristics. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENG 111.

ENG 230 Young Adult Literature

3 Hours
Young Adult Literature considers canonical and contemporary examples of fiction written for readers in grades 6-12. Students will focus most of their attention on analyzing young adult literature as literature but will also consider pedagogic and craft-study approaches. Thus, the course benefits literature, creative writing and education students in their preparation as scholars, readers, writers and teachers of young adult literature.

ENG 312 Scholarly Research and Writing

3 Hours
This course concentrates on the conception and execution of an extended research project. This course prepares students for upper-level college writing and professional writing outside the college environment. Prerequisite: ENG 111.

ENG 323 Shakespeare

3 Hours
Introducing the life and works of Shakespeare, this course concentrates on the plays, emphasizing the development of central themes, the use of different genres, the decisions involved in production and the cultural background of the Renaissance.

ENG 342 English Grammar

3 Hours
This course reviews grammatical principles used in writing. It is useful for students intending to teach or improve their language skills.

ENG 460 Creative Writing Capstone

6 Hours
The student will develop a topic and create a research plan and schedule in consultation with the department. The student will present and defend the topic to peers and selected DWU faculty. Creative writing students will prepare and publish a manuscript, which will be housed in the McGovern Library.

Get to Know Your Professors

Learn English skills from the best! Our low student-to-teacher ratio offers valuable one-on-one interaction with professors. 

Barbara Duffey, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Derric Ludens, M.A.

Assistant Professor of English

Vince Redder, Ph.D.

Professor in the Department of English and Languages | Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities

Strengthen Your English Degree

You’ll want to pair your English major with a minor that fits your professional goals. Past DWU students have found success combining their English major with topics such as:  

English Literature


Creative Writing

Web Design or Digital Communication

Related Majors & Minors

English Education

Inspire a new generation of writers and book lovers!

    Creative Writing

    Do you aspire to write fiction, poetry or screenplays?


      Excellent communication skills are sought by every employer, and it’s a true professional who elevates the skill of communicating to an art.

        Digital Media and Design

        The ever-growing technology industry needs talented people like you to create and design digital elements for countless applications.

          Business Administration

          As a business administration major at DWU, you’ll prepare for limitless career choices in the professional world.

            Nonprofit Administration

            The nonprofit sector is the third largest employment sector in the United States and Dakota Wesleyan University offers the only nonprofit administration major in the region.


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