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What jobs can you do with a
accounting degree? 

Whatever your path, DWU will prepare you for a career as a:  

Financial Analyst
Accounting Manager 
Certified Public Accountant

What's the Difference at DWU? 

  • Sit for your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam after graduating from a program with demonstrated high pass rates. 
  • Choose a math minor to work as an actuary analyzing risk for insurance firms. 
  • Select a criminal justice minor if forensic accounting is your area of interest. 
  • Pair accounting with a communication or English minor and set yourself up to become a CFO.  


The Musick Family Department of Business at Dakota Wesleyan University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11960 Quivira Road, Suite 300, Overland Park, KS 66213.

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Accounting Courses

Check out the courses you'll complete on your way to receiving your accounting degree. 

BUS 101 Introduction to Business

3 Hours
This course is an introduction to the business environment. This course includes an overview of the major areas of study in the business curriculum. Students will be exposed to professional business practices and communication skills in preparation for the business core curriculum.

BUS 220 Principles of Management


BUS 251 Principles of Financial Accounting

3 Hours
This course introduces students to the analysis of financial transactions, preparation of basic financial statements and use of computers in accounting analysis. Prerequisite: BUS 150 with B- or better or consent of instructor.

BUS 252 Principles of Managerial Accounting

3 Hours
Students will learn about the operations of managerial accounting to include analysis, interpretation and application of financial data to managerial decision-making. Prerequisite: BUS 251.

BUS 263 Business Law I

3 Hours
Students will discuss the general principles of contracts, torts and property as applied to business relationships. Prerequisites: Sophomore status.

BUS 305 Accounting Systems

3 Hours
This course provides a review of the use of several spreadsheet and accounting programs in solving a variety of business problems. Prerequisite: BUS 251.

BUS 349 Taxation I

3 Hours
This course is an intensive analysis of principles of taxation as applied to individual income. Prerequisite: BUS 252.

BUS 350 Taxation II

3 Hours
This course is an intensive analysis of principles of taxation as applied to business, to include corporations, partnerships and nonprofit organization filings. Prerequisite: BUS 349.

BUS 353 Intermediate Accounting I

3 Hours
This course is an intensive analysis of financial transactions and financial statements with advanced use of computers. Prerequisite: BUS 252 with B- or better.

BUS 354 Intermediate Accounting II

3 Hours
This course continues intermediate analysis of financial transactions and financial statements with advanced use of computers. Prerequisite: BUS 353 with B- or better.

BUS 355 Cost Accounting

3 Hours
Students will study principles of cost accounting, planning, control and analysis. This course includes job order and process costing. Prerequisite: BUS 252.

BUS 356 Operations/Information Management

3 Hours
The focus of the course is on how organizations identify, generate and use planning and control information. Topics relating to operations management include forecasting, work design and measurement, quality management, scheduling of operations and personnel, inventory management/production planning, resource allocation, project management, and supply chain management. Topics relating to information management include needs assessment, analysis and description of information flow, decision support processes and tools, system design and management principles (including security and social/ethical issues), and project implementation (including technology acquisition). Prerequisites: MTH200 or BUS 252

BUS 363 Business Law II

3 Hours
This is a continuation of Business Law I, with special emphasis on the uniform commercial code. Prerequisite: BUS 263.

BUS 371 Principles of Marketing

3 Hours
Students will study the marketing function in national and international business. The course includes discussion of market definition, marketing environment, marketing information and decision making about product, pricing, promotion and placement. Prerequisite: Sophomore status.

BUS 381 Business Ethics and Social Policy

3 Hours
This course is an introduction to ethical decision making as related to business management and public policy relating to business. It includes both theory and application to current issues.

BUS 456 Governmental and Not-for-profit Accounting

3 Hours
This course is the study of applications of accounting principles to nonprofit and government organizations. Prerequisite: BUS 252 with B- or better.

BUS 457 Advanced Accounting

3 Hours
This course reviews special topics of financial reporting and analysis and provides a detailed study of the conceptual framework of accounting, the preparation of the statement of cash flows, special reporting topics, accounting for foreign operations and international standards, and partnerships. Prerequisite: BUS 354 with B- or better.

BUS 458 Auditing

3 Hours
Students will study methods of examining and adjusting financial records. Prerequisite: BUS 354 with B- or better.

BUS 484 Business Analysis and Strategy

3 Hours
This is the senior capstone course for majors in business. The three main components of the course include (1) in-class instruction covering the primary topics of formulating corporate strategy; building corporate vision, mission and performance objectives; and, analyzing a corporation’s internal and external environments; (2) a business simulation which challenges students to run an international business enterprise in competition with peers from all over the world; (3) and preparation and delivery of the culminating capstone presentation that will be delivered to a campus wide audience, discussing the results of the student’s simulation experience. Prerequisites: Senior status, all business core courses, or consent of instructor.

ECO 231 Principles of Macroeconomics

3 Hours
This course introduces students to analysis of the macro-economy. It includes study of aggregate supply and demand model, Keynesian multiplier model, banking and monetary policy and applications to current macroeconomic problems.

ECO 232 Principles of Microeconomics

3 Hours
This course introduces students to economic analysis of the individual firm and market. It includes study of basic supply and demand model, the role of government in the economy, cost analysis of the form and application of principles to various markets and social problems.

ENG 215 Business and Technical Writing

3 Hours
Students will be introduced to professional expectations for written communication in the workplace and on the Web. Students will develop an understanding of purpose and audience while writing and revising a variety of goal-oriented projects. In preparation for a research project, students will develop a variety of texts, including memos, letters, analytical reports, presentation and proposals. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENG 111.

MTH 200 Statistical Methods I

3 Hours
This course is an introduction to descriptive statistics, including graphs, sampling distributions, measures of central tendency, probability theory, hypothesis testing through nonparametric tests, confidence intervals, correlation and regression. Statistical applications, hypothesis testing and the use of statistical software for graphing are emphasized. Prerequisite: MTH 125 or consent of instructor.

Get to Know Your Professors

Meet our accounting professors! Our low student-to-teacher ratio offers valuable one-on-one interaction with professors who care about you and your work.

Justin Battistoni, CPA

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Tracy Dice, DBA

Associate Professor of Business and Economics

Christine Mauszycki, M.P.A., CPA

Associate Professor of Accounting | Keith B. Miller Endowed Chair of the Musick Family Department of Business

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Exam Preparation 

Tailor your education to meet your goals. You have three ways to earn the 150 credits required to sit for the CPA exam.

  • Want to graduate in four years? Combine summer courses and modest overloads during a few regular semesters. 
  • Planning to get your MBA? Our Master of Business Administration program would allow you to earn the 150 credits required to take the CPA exam while earning an advanced degree in just one additional year. 
  • Have a bit more time? If you'd like a more comfortable learning pace, you can add a fifth year of full-time classes to your schedule. 

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