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The interior of the McGovern Legacy museum

McGovern Legacy Museum

The McGovern Legacy Museum, offering visitors a unique look at the lives of George and Eleanor McGovern, opened to the public in October 2006.

Split Rock Studios, which specializes in creating cultural and natural history exhibits for museums, developed the displays in cooperation with DWU archivist Laurie Langland and other library staff members. The museum provides visitors a unique journey through the lives of two of Dakota Wesleyan University’s most recognizable graduates.

The exhibit begins with the McGoverns’ humble upbringing in rural South Dakota, continues through the challenges they faced during World War II as a young married couple trying to raise a family, and their years as leaders in the South Dakota Democratic Party. The 1972 presidential race is featured prominently, as is George McGovern’s continuing commitment to fight global hunger.

During the self-guided tour, visitors have the opportunity to view a variety of short films  narrated by George McGovern which include commentary from a variety of scholars and noted experts.

The Museum is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday in coordination with regular McGovern Library hours; and limited hours during weekends and holidays (to view the McGovern Library's hours, click here). Hours are subject to change without notice. There is no admission fee but donations are always welcome. For questions, please call the McGovern Library front desk at 995-2618.

McGovern Merchandise

These items can be purchased through the DWU Bookstore.

“An American Journey: The Presidential Campaign Speeches of George McGovern” - $15

Eleanor McGovern cookbook - $2

“Grassroots” by George McGovern - $20

“George McGovern: A Political Life, A Political Legacy” by Robert P. Watson - $19.99

“McGovern: A Biography” by Robert Sam Anson - $20

“The Essential America” by George McGovern - $20

“The Third Freedom” by George McGovern - $15

“Vote Your Conscience” by Richard Marano - $45

“Terry” by George McGovern - $15

“A Time of War, A Time of Peace” by George McGovern - $20

“The Kind of Man He Is” - $5

“Celebrating a Legacy,” limited edition, library dedication commemorative booklet - $15

McGovern Library postcard - $1

McGovern Library postcard w/commemorative cancellation stamp - $3