Community Based Research & Learning

Community Based Research and Learning

Community-Based Research and Learning (CBRL) is the intersection of students, faculty, and community members who collaborate on the two-fold goal of fostering immersive educational experiences and addressing immediate and long-term community needs.

The McGovern Center encourages both faculty and students to pursue CBRL projects, and service as a resource in design, partnership development, and assessment.

We also welcome inquiries from community partners who would like to propose a research and learning projects.

For more information on any of the CBRL programs, please contact Ryan Chase,

COR 101 Interdisciplinary Investigations I

COR 201 Leadership and Vocation

COR 301 Interdisciplinary Investigations II

PSY 333 Cognitive Psychology

PSY 435 Experimental Psychology

SOC 332 Social Psychology

NPA 300 Nonprofit Development and Management