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Speaker Series
One of the major working goals of the McGovern Center has been to plan and organize a new speaker’s series funded by a grant from NetVue. The purpose of this is to develop, within our general education program, students' understanding of civic responsibility and the common good in order to nurture qualities that result in the flourishing of the communities in which they live. Some of the provisional themes under this banner are ethical leadership, social justice, racial healing and citizen engagement. See upcoming McGovern Center events

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day can be a real challenge for colleges, seeing that for many, it falls at the very beginning (often the first day) of the spring semester. Yet, in this time of increasing awareness of the challenges presented by tensions related to race, the message of Martin Luther King Jr. is more pressing than ever. The McGovern Center will continue providing our community with a robust conversation on race.

On September 22, 2022, the McGovern Center and Dakota Wesleyan University will host a day-long event to commemorate the 100 years since McGovern’s birth and the 50th year since the 1972 election. While plans are only now beginning to take shape, we do know that the preeminent McGovern biographer Thomas Knock will be present as our keynote speaker. We will soon add a registration page to sign up for the event.


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