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Whether you want to walk around on your own or take an official tour, here is a campus map to help you. You’ll definitely want to visit the Rollins Campus Center, the McGovern Library, the DWU/Avera Sports and Wellness Complex, the Glenda K. Corrigan Health Sciences Center and the new School of Business, Innovation and Leadership.  

Please note that Google Maps has incorrectly identified a large parking lot between McGovern Ave. and S. Duff St. as Pioneer Park. Much of this area is actually public parking. For a correct, printable map, download the PDF version below.

Smith Hall

Smith Hall is home to many offices on campus, including the president, registrar and department of music.

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Prather Hall

Prather Hall is the home of DWU Institutional Advancement and Alumni.

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McGovern Library

The McGovern Library is the hub of campus activity and is named for DWU’s favorite son, George McGovern and his wife, Eleanor.

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Koka Hall

Koka Hall is a coed dorm for about 35 students.

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Jackson Plaza

Jackson Plaza is a beautiful outdoor space on campus.

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Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall is one of the last remaining original campus buildings and it houses the theatre department.

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Glenda K. Corrigan Health Sciences Center

All students take classes in the Corrigan Health Sciences Center, but nurses and others in mathematics and the sciences call it home.

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Education Department

The DWU Education Department is right next door to L.B. Williams Elementary School, offering hands-on experiences for our students.

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DWU Apartments

The DWU Apartments offer apartment living with the convenience of being on campus to junior and senior students.

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Dayton Hall

Dayton Hall is the freshman dorm, and upperclassmen usually wish they could stay there all four years.

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Allen Hall

Allen Hall offers a suite-style living option.

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DWU/Avera Sports and Wellness Complex

The DWU/Avera Sports and Wellness Complex is your go-to spot for wellness.

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Rollins Campus Center

Rollins Campus Center is a hub for student activities and information.

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Christen Athletic Center

The Christen Athletic Center is where you’ll find most of our athletic staff and an occasional game of pick-up basketball.

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DWU Campus Map