Tracy Hadler, MSN RN

Tracy Hadler

Tracy Hadler

LPN-BS Co-director | Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing

Department: Nursing
Location: Off Campus | Sioux Falls, S.D.

Year Started: 2014

Strengths: Harmony | Intellection | Consistency | Connectedness | Achiever

Education History: University of South Dakota (Associate of Science degree in nursing), Minnesota State University (BS degree in nursing), Walden University (MS degree in nursing)

Professional History: Tracy teaches on Dakota Wesleyan's Sioux Falls campus within the LPN-BS program providing distance-learning opportunities to adults in that area.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family and being involved in their school, church, and sports activities.

Family: Husband (Zach) and four children.

What do you love most about DWU?: I love teaching at a satellite location in Sioux Falls and being able to see LPN's achieve their dreams of obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing!