Jessica Jarding, MSN RN

Jessica Jarding

Jessica Jarding

LPN-BS Co-director | Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing

Department: Nursing
Location: 114 S Main Ave | Sioux Falls, S.D.

Year Started: 2002

5 Strengths: Input | Responsibility | Harmony | Analytical | Arranger

Education History: Dakota Wesleyan University (Associate of Arts degree in nursing), South Dakota State University (BS in nursing degree), University of Wyoming (MS degree)

Areas of Expertise: Medical/Surgical Nursing, Oncology and Transplant Nursing, Geriatric and Community Nursing 

Hobbies: I love to be outside in my garden, love to read a good book, and enjoy anything that includes time spent with family and friends!

Family: Married with 3 children

What do you love most about DWU?: I enjoy the students, the smaller family-like atmosphere, and my co-workers!