Kyle Herges

Kyle Herges

Kyle Herges

Professor of Digital Media and Design

Department: Communications
Location: McGovern Library | Multimedia Lab

Year Started: 2012

Strengths: Futuristic | Competition | Maximizer | Adaptability | Focus

Professional History: Industry experience as: User Experience Designer (Current), Software Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur

Education History: Dakota State University (BS in multimedia and web design and BS in computer graphic design), Academy of Art University (Master of Fine Arts degree in computer art and new media)

Areas of Expertise: Gestalt Psychology, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Marketing, Mobile Design, UI Design, UX Design, Web Design

Hobbies: I like to play around with emerging technologies and create things (digital art, YouTube videos, websites, etc.) I still like to golf but my time has shifted towards, "family fun time."

Family: Wife, two daughters, one son, two dogs

What do you love most about DWU?: Dakota Wesleyan is focused on the future and always looking forward. I would also be foolish not to mention how friendly everyone is. Great people.