Dr. L. Brian Patrick

Brian Patrick

Brian Patrick

Associate Professor of Biology

Department: Biology
Location: Corrigan Health Sciences Center | Office 208A

Year Started: 2009

Education History: University of Kansas (BA degree in Biology and MA degree in Systematics and Ecology), Kent State University (Ph.D.)

Areas of Expertise: Brian's research interests include: human influences on biological communities and ecosystems; biodiversity inventorying to catalogue the abundance and distribution of species of the Great Plains states – particularly spiders and beetles; and recycling and waste management issues in the community and the state. As part of his interest in cataloguing the biological diversity of the Great Plains states, Patrick has established the South Dakota Spider Survey (SDSS). The goals of the SDSS are: 1) to document the diversity of the spider fauna of South Dakota; 2) to document the distributions and abundances of these spider species within the state; 3) to educate students and the public about spiders and their ecological roles in the various habitats in the state of South Dakota; and 4) to establish a repository for specimens from the Great Plains states for education and research purposes. Everyone is invited to participate.