Sarah Burkel

Sarah Burkel

Sarah Burkel

System Analyst

Department: Information Technology
Location: Smith Hall | Room 101

Year Started: 2018

Strengths: Achiever | Responsibility | Futuristic | Relator | Learner

Education History: Lake Area Technical Institute (A.A.S. Computer/Information Systems Software Development)

Professional History: FEY Industries 2000 - 2005, CabelasVan Dykes Taxidermy Supply 2005 - 2009, McKenzie Sports ProductsVan Dykes Taxidermy Supply 2009 - 2018

Areas of Expertise: Multiple Software Languages COBOL, RPG, ASP, HTML, VB, JS, SQL, CAD. Excel, Access. Data cleanup, reporting, analysis. Process efficiencies and productivity. Data accuracy.

Hobbies: 4-H, FFA, Farmer's Union, shooting sports instructor/coach, hair sheep, gardening, hunting, fishing, camping, horses. Anything outdoors. Anything with family and living
the country life.

Family: Husband, Mathew, & 3 boys (Lane, Ty, & Chris)

What do you love most about DWU?: I love the atmosphere, the faith, the leadership, the service. You come to work knowing there is a purpose and a reason for you to be here doing what you are doing. The people, it's a very large group of extended family members, proving that not all family is blood. They are there to challenge you, help you through those challenges, and support you.