General Science

Students learning in a forest setting

Grow Your Science Knowledge

Study the wonders of biological and physical sciences. Go from measuring chemicals in the lab to examining plant life outdoors. Enjoy hands-on learning with professors both in the classroom and in nature. Experience field trips and diverse research while completing your major. Be ready to pursue medicine, veterinary science, research or teaching.

What can you do with a general science degree?

Take what you have learned in the sciences and carry your lessons into your career.

  • Pursue graduate studies in medical school, veterinary school or other areas of professional study.
  • Work in a laboratory setting as a science technician.
  • Explore pharmaceutical sales as a marketing representative.

General Science Courses

What kind of courses will you cover?

  • Research in Biochemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Animal Development

Find more of the classes you will be taking in our academic catalog.


Hold a research position alongside your professors to explore the fields of science with hands-on learning. Become a teacher’s assistant or lab assistant (both paid and unpaid positions available).

Get to Know Your Professors

Further your science knowledge with our teachers! Learn more about your professors and their experiences in the realms of science.

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