Athletic and Activities Administration

Lead with confidence.

Earn a graduate certificate in Athletic and Activities Administration.

The Athletic and Activities Administration certification will prepare you for specialized leadership and management positions at high schools, colleges and prominent facilities.

Learn and apply skills for developing and managing highly-effective sports teams, planning events, managing facilities, raising funds, working with the public, using contemporary skills for promotion and much more.

  • 100% Online
  • 1 Year
  • 7-week courses
  • Auto acceptance for DWU students with at least a 3.0 GPA.

What can you do with a certificate in athletic and activities administration? 

  • Athletic director at the high school or college level  
  • Events manager for a prominent facility
  • Business manager for a professional sports team
  • Director of a major organization or venue


> Athletic and Activities Administration graduate certificate

> Athletic and Activities Administration graduate certificate + Master of Business Administration

> Athletic and Activities Administration graduate certificate + Master of Arts in Education 

Headshot of Jon Hart

“DWU’s new Athletic and Activities Administration program is ideal for individuals seeking to advance their knowledge and career in the athletic industry.  From managing events at prominent facilities and top entertainment venues to working with high-functioning sports teams, this program will give you a diverse set of skills to help achieve your goals.”

Jonathon C. Hart ’11, ’12
Director of Athletics
Dakota Wesleyan University

Photo of Austin Buysse

“The responsibility of managing day-to-day tasks and coordinating large-scale events can provide unique challenges. DWU’s new Athletic and Activities Administration program will prepare individuals with the tools necessary to be successful and efficient at any type of facility.”  

Austin Buysse ’18, ’20
Athletic Facilities and Event Manager
South Dakota State University  

Photo of Micaela Erickson

“Working for the Timberwolves is a dream job! In my position, I have to be organized and adaptive for the day-to-day responsibilities of working at such a prominent organization. Proficiencies in event planning, public relations, revenue generation, adaptive leadership and conflict management are crucial to my role. The new Athletic and Activities Administration program at DWU will equip professionals, who are looking to lead and manage elite organizations, with the tools they need to do their job effectively.” 

Micaela Erickson ’14, ’15
Manager of Business Development
Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx


Athletic and Activities Administration Graduate Certificate Courses:

Employee Life Cycle


Increase your knowledge and improve your skills for managing people. Learn how to effectively recruit, hire, develop, retain, reassign or release staff, coaches, and volunteers. Practice using techniques for performance management and performance development.

Conflict Management


Learn how to effectively manage conflicts. Engage in strategies to manage conflict in constructive ways for the organization and people involved. Develop an understanding of conflict styles and cultivate your own conflict management skills.

Event and Facilities Planning and Management


Learn the fundamentals of event planning. Practice using relevant tools to lead and manage events. Learn from industry professionals about facilities usage and how to effectively operate resources.

Advanced Public Relations and Promotion


Become a pro in PR. Develop community partnerships, manage public outreach, communicate through written and digital forms with your public and use new skills for promoting to your constituents.

Revenue Generation and Management


Develop the skills needed to cultivate donor relationships, booster club members and other key stakeholders. Learn the fundamentals of grant writing and discover contemporary practices for fund management.

Adaptive Leadership and Change Management


Prepare for the unexpected. Explore theories of adaptive leadership, reflect on adaptive leadership skills and develop strategies for improvement. Discover principals of change management, learn how to uncover and address resistance to change, develop change plans, and implement and monitor change progress.

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