Course Descriptions

RN-B.S. Course Descriptions

NUR 300 Pharmacology

3 hours Fall, Spring, Summer Term 1

This asynchronous online pharmacology course focuses on the basic and clinical concepts of pharmacology in nursing practice. Students will examine concepts related to pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, adverse reactions and contraindications, therapeutic indications and nursing implications. Prerequisite: NUR 311. 

NUR 302 Health Assessment and Promotion

3 hours (2, 1) Fall, Spring, Summer Term 2 

This course introduces the student to health promotion, teaching/learning and lifestyle behavior change models that enhance adaptation abilities of individuals, families, populations and communities. Students have the opportunity to build on foundational assessment skills and to analyze the variance between normal and abnormal health findings.

Prerequisite and/or corequisite: NUR 311. 

NUR 303 Nursing Research

3 hours Fall, Spring, Summer Term 1 

This course provides an overview of the research process and emphasizes the active participation of the baccalaureate nurse in using the research utilization process as a means of promoting evidence-based practice.
Prerequisite: NUR 311. 

NUR 307 Pathophysiology for Nursing

3 hours Fall, Spring, Summer Term 2 

This course explores the person’s physiological adaptive modes and the adaptive responses that occur during illness.
Prerequisite: NUR 311. 

NUR 311 Leadership for the Baccalaureate Nurse I

3 hours Fall, Spring, Summer Term 1 

This course provides an introduction to the baccalaureate nurse role and explores leadership and management principles, which empower others in various health care situations and organizations. Students explore the impact of effective decision making in the practice of nursing and apply critical thinking in leading others through change. 

NUR 400 Family, Community and Populations

3 hours (2,1) Fall, Spring, Summer Term 2 

This course explores the multiple roles of the community health nurse. Students use the nursing process in enhancing adaptation of families, communities and populations as they implement lifestyle behaviors that protect and promote health and well-being. Prerequisite: NUR 311. 

NUR 411 Leadership for the Baccalaureate Nurse II

3 hours (2,1) Fall, Spring, Summer Term 1 

This course provides an interprofessional collaborative practice experience for the student, in which such topics as health policy, quality improvement, case management, team building and staff development are explored. The student completes a project in which the roles of the baccalaureate nurse are synthesized. Prerequisite or Concurrent: NUR 302, NUR 303, NUR 311 

ADL 310 Literature/Writing for the Professn

3 Hours

This course develops a student’s ability to study the expression of thoughts and the interpretation of texts, while developing an appreciation of language and its infinite variety. Students will respond to a variety of genres and produce their own analytical and creative texts. General Education: Effective Expression

ADL 320 Statistics for the Professional

3 Hours

This course focuses on interpreting results of statistical tests and graphs. The course will follow specific workplace case studies in which students will analyze real-world data and present the results. General Education: Critial and Collaborative Thinking

ADL 330 Service/Justice in the 21st Century

3 Hours

Students will explore the concept of the “common good” and other social values associated with the public domain. Students will examine and apply ethical analysis of public policy and professional practice in public service. General Education: Personal Growth and Maturity

ADL 340 Ethics

3 Hours

Students in this course will examine the ethical decision making in the context of contemporary issues related to the healthcare field. Students will reflect on the meaning of caring and service and the impact they have had on his/her values and beliefs. General Education: Civic Values adn Engagement

ADL 350 Community Health/Chronic Disease

3 Hours

This course focuses on evaluating and responding to health problems in current society, ranging from cardiovascular disease to holistic healthcare. Students will select and explore topics pertinent to their personal and professional experiences.

ADL 360 Entrepreneurial Leadership

3 Hours

This course develops a student’s own orientation toward entrepreneurship, including innovation, curiosity and risk. Students prepare and present a business plan for a new or enhanced organization or enterprise. General Education: Critical and Collaborative Thinking

ADL 370 Exploring History and Culture

3 Hours

Students will develop an understanding of the human condition by exploring how communities and institutions shaped past societies and our own. Students will raise historical questions, examine historical documents and share their ideas with peers and the larger community. General Education: Cultural and Global Awareness