Learn Strong

The Learn Strong program is your basis for success.

Our unique four-year Learn Strong program is designed to set you up for success, both on campus and in life after college.

When you graduate from DWU, you’ll enter the professional world from a position of strength, thanks to your faculty.  Not only do they teach course content material, they will give you the broader liberal arts experience, exposing you an enriched human experience.

Learn Strong classes will onboard you to college life, support you while you’re here, and springboard you into your postgraduate study and the professional world.

The four-year Learn Strong experience will help you:

  • Develop an understanding of yourself and others using the language of strengths, Clifton StrengthsFinder;
  • Understand and commit to personal behaviors that promote wellbeing in yourself and others;
  • Communicate effectively in personal and professional settings;
  • Create and make effective presentations in formal settings;
  • Discern and articulate your vocation; and
  • Understand and manage budgets.