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Behavioral Sciences Course Descriptions

PSY 131 General Psychology

3 Hours

This overview of the discipline explores human and animal behavior and consciousness. The diversity within the discipline is reflected in the range of subjects presented, including motivation, emotion, perception, sensation, learning, intelligence and personality.

PSY 202 History of Psychology

3 Hours

This course is a study of the major people, movements and events in the evolution of the discipline. This course attempts to make connections between historical and current developments within the field.

PSY 237 Developmental Psychology

3 Hours

This course is a sequential study of the individual from conception to death. Students will study research regarding human physical, cognitive and social-emotional development, along with implications for parents, teachers and counselors.

PSY 450 Practicum/Internship

1 Hours

This course is for juniors and seniors. Students will be placed into a position that will allow them exposure to and appropriate participation in an institution orprofessional practice associated with the field of psychology. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and chair of the department of psychology.

PSY 460 Independent Study

1 Hours

Students will select a project for intensive study. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and chair of the department of psychology.

SOC 152 Introduction to Sociology

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to the study of groups, institutions and interactional processes in human societies with an emphasis on the society of the United States.

SOC 312 Methods of Social Research

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to the research process as applied to social and psychological subjects. Students will study problem formulation, research design, instrument design, project administration, data analysis and interpretation, report writing and issues in research. A research project is required. Students interested in obtaining a social work license in South Dakota or graduate study in sociology need this course.

SOC 332 Social Psychology

3 Hours

Students will study individual attitudes, self-development and behavior as affected by group interaction. Attention is given to socio-biology, symbolic interactionism, Freudian psychology and experimental social psychology.

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