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Finance Course Descriptions

BUS 340 Financial Planning: Process and Application

3 Hours

Personal financial management for life cycle planning. Careers in the financial services industry are discussed and technical skills are emphasized. Students will develop financial goals, prepare statements, analyze financial products, and present appropriate financial planning considerations. ECO 231 or ECO 232 or consent of instructor.

BUS 341 Money and Banking

3 Hours

Students will examine banking institutions, theories and policies relating to monetary management of the economy in an international context. Prerequisite: ECO 231 or consent of instructor.

BUS 342 Investments

3 Hours

This course is an intensive analysis of investment institutions, philosophies and principles for the individual and institutional investor.

BUS 345 Insurance & Risk Management

3 Hours

Students will study the characteristics of various types of insurance and their use in managing both personal and organizational risk. Topics include life insurance, health insurance, liability insurance and various types of casualty insurance. Prerequisite: BUS 252 or consent of instructor.

BUS 346 Real Estate

3 Hours

Students will study the nature of real estate transactions, real estate as an investment and principles for managing real estate. Land and physical property will be considered. Prequisite: BUS 252 or consent of instructor.

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