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Management Course Descriptions

BUS 322 - HR Management is required, then choose 15 credits from the following classes.

BUS 315 Leadership & Communication

3 Hours

Students will study principles and examples of leadership, with special emphasis on servant leadership and developing the communication skills essential to effective leadership. Prerequisite: BUS 220.

BUS 320 Supervisory Management

3 Hours

Many organizational trends today: downsizing, cost cutting, employee empowerment, flexible hours and diversity issues are all impacting the way supervisors deal with employees in the workplace. Students will understand all of these concepts and working through people to maximize productivity while maintaining a positive work environment. Prerequisite: BUS220

BUS 321 Organizational Behavior

3 Hours

Organizational behavior is designed to provide students with insights into individual and group behavior, and understanding of organizational structure and culture, and experience with analysis and application of various organizational management tools. This course uses a critical-thinking approach to reflect, address, analyze and interpret text, film, case studies and activities related to organizational psychology and development.

BUS 322 Human Resource Management

3 Hours

This course applies basic principles of psychology, sociology and human relations to personnel management functions, including job design, labor requirements, recruiting, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, safety and health, and labor relations. Prerequisite: BUS 220.

BUS 330 Readings in Management

3 Hours

This course focuses on understanding the management concepts and marketing concepts taught in the Principles of Management and or Supervisory Management courses as well as Marketing and Leadership. The student will use critical thinking skills and focus is on terms that were learned in the classes listed above. Prerequisite BUS220

COM 240 Business and Professional Communication

3 Hours

This is a skills-based course in which students learn how to organize, adapt and critically evaluate communication competencies in many different types of business and professional settings. The course includes an introduction to organizational communication theories and concepts, critical analysis of information, technologies and media literacy, audience analysis, and demonstration of public presentation skills.

COM 320 Multicultural Communication

3 Hours

Students will examine how communication is a major factor in bridging cultural differences. The operating premise is that communication both shapes and is shaped by culture. Students will examine the roles of nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, socioeconomic status, age, language, etc. in cross-cultural interaction. This class will challenge students to think about their own cultural assumptions.

COM 330 Organizational Communication

3 Hours

This course is about participating in the process of organizing. Organizational communication, as a field of study, analyzes how the actions of people inside and outside organizations are coordinated and controlled to achieve collective outcomes; it is also concerned with the way individuals are shaped by their interactions with the organizations around them. This course will focus on how communication is key to understanding how organizations work. By better understanding how organizations work, we can change them and better control our own experiences with them.

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