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Chemistry Minor Course Descriptions

CHM 164 University Chemistry

3 Hours

A one-semester course covering the core concepts of general chemistry, maintaining the depth and relevance of a two semester sequence. Topics covered include: bonding, equilibrium, stoichiometry, chemical kinetics, and oxidation-reduction. Prerquisite: MTH 120 or equivalent is recommended.

CHM 166 University Chemistry Lab

1 Hours

An introduction to experimental chemical methods of synthesis and characterization by quantitative and qualitative procedures. Experiments will relate to topics covered in CHM 164. Prerequisite or co-requisite: CHM 164.

CHM 331 Organic Chemistry I

4 Hours

This is an introduction to the nomenclature, structure, properties, reactions and uses of the compounds of carbon. Three lectures, one three-hour laboratory. Prerequisite: CHM 164/166 or CHM 174.

CHM 332 Organic Chemistry II

4 Hours

This is the second of a two-semester course sequence. It focuses on instrumentation related to analytical organic chemistry, as well as advanced reactions, synthesis and retrosynthetic analysis. Three lectures, one laboratory. Prerequisite: CHM 231/231L. Corequisite: CHM 332L.

CHM 310 Inorganic Chemistry

3 Hours

This foundational inorganic course is an extension of general chemistry topics with a focus on symmetry, chemical equilibria, acid-base chemistry, electrochemistry, kinetics, solid-state chemistry and complexation reactions. Prerequisite: CHM 164.

CHM 323 Analytical Chemistry

4 Hours

Students will study quantitative analytical methods, principles, details and applications, including the statistical treatment of data. Lab exercises cover the qualitative analysis scheme in the first half of the semester and more specific analytical problems in the second half. Three lectures, one three-hour laboratory, plus extra lab hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: CHM 164/166 or CHM 174/174L. Corequisite: CHM 323L.

CHM 341 Biochemistry I

4 Hours

This is the first semester of a comprehensive biochemistry course providing an introduction to the chemical and physical properties of biologically important molecules. Topics to be discussed in this course include carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and enzymes. Three lectures, one laboratory. Prerequisite: CHM 174/174L or CHM 231/231L. Corequisite: CHM 341L.

CHM 360 Physical Chemistry

3 Hours

This course introduces the basic theoretical concepts of the chemical sciences: thermodynamics, chemical and physical equilibria, chemical kinetics and the behavior of matter in the solid, liquid, gaseous and solution states. Prerequisites: CHM 164 and MTH 210.

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