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Christian Leadership Course Descriptions

PHL 220 Introduction to Ethical Issues

3 Hours

This course examines ethical decision making in the context of contemporary issues that are a part of our personal and social life, such as lying, sexual morality, capital punishment, war and euthanasia.

REL 155 Spiritual Formation

1 Hours

Students will meet with a spiritual director for the purposes of spiritual study, devotion and growth. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Repeatable for two credits.

REL 210 Understanding the Old Testament

3 Hours

Students explore the basic teachings of the Hebrew scriptures as represented in the teachings, prophets and poetry of the Old Testament. This course gives attention to the Old Testament’s meaning in its own historical setting, as well as its connections to the New Testament and Christianity.

REL 212 Christian Faith and Practice

3 Hours

This course will explore the intellectual content of historic Christian faith as it has been expressed in the ecumenical creeds and other features of its intellectual tradition. Students will be immersed in the unique contributions of the three great communions of Christian Tradition (Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestantism) and in the Wesleyan spiritual tradition that underlies DWU. The class will outline aspects of Christian spirituality such as prayer, meditation and lectio divina with a view toward how these beliefs and practices can be re-energizing for contemporary spirituality. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

REL 215 The Life and Teaching of Jesus

3 Hours

This course examines the Gospels in their historical setting and contemporary significance and is aimed at understanding what we know about Jesus and the lifestyle he lived and taught.

REL 216 The Life and Letters of Paul

3 Hours

This course examines Paul’s life and letters in the context of the growth and problems of the early churches

REL 302 Faith and Reason

3 Hours

This class will explore the tensions between faith and reason, the reasonableness of historic Christian Faith and the tensions between religion and science. It will shed light on questions concerning belief in God, the scriptures as divine revelation, views on interpretation of the biblical creation stories, science and design inferences from science.

REL 314 World Religions

3 Hours

This course is a comparative survey of the major religious systems of the world, both Eastern and Western, with emphasis on those religions currently in practice.

REL 323 Biblical Interpretation/Proclamatn

3 Hours

This course will introduce students to best principles and practices for biblical interpretation. The class will explore the history of biblical interpretation, biblical interpretation as it is practiced within the Bible itself and various theories of text interpretation. The class will seek to train students in best practices for teaching and preaching the scriptures in a church context. Prerequisites: REL 210, REL 215 or REL 216.

REL 355 Spiritual Formation II

1 Hours

Students will meet with a spiritual director for the purposes of spiritual study, devotion and growth. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor. Repeatable for two credits

REL 385 Classics of the Christian Faith

3 Hours

This course explores key writers of the Christian tradition who interpreted Christian faith so as to impact not only their own age but following generations of Christians. Particular focus will be paid to Augustine, Wesley and Lewis.

REL 340 Exploring Christian Ministry

3 Hours

This course will explore the basic components of a successful Christian ministry. The class will be constructed to allow for student interest and aptitude. Some projects and readings will address the student’s own gifts and graces whether that be for children’s ministry, youth ministry, pastoral ministry, missions or senior adult ministry. Prerequisite: REL 112 and REL 210.

REL 360 Death, Dying, and Life after Death

3 Hours

The course explores the biological process of dying, the various meanings that cultures attach to death and what different world religions teach about life after death. The course gives attention to near-death experiences, the process of grieving and the biblical concepts of immortality of the soul, resurrection of the body and eternal life.

REL 370 Pop Culture & Theology

3 Hours

This course explores the understandings of God found in all types of media (advertising, celebrities, music, movies, television, fashion, sports, art, and video games). Advocating neither wholehearted acceptance nor rejection of pop culture, students will analyze critically the media around them. They will become aware of the “silent shaping” of media in their theology and define a theology of God through it. General Education: Personal Growth and Maturity (2009 - current) General Education: Religion and Philosophical Conception (prior to 2009)

NPA 210 Principles Leadership/Service

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to various theories and principles of leadership and how those leadership skills apply to administration in the non-profit sector. In addition to classroom readings and discussion, students will be involved in group service-learning projects that benefit local, regional, and global non-profit organizations. Meets General Education Civic Values and Engagement Requirement.

REL 410 Church Growth: Mission/Evangelism

3 Hours

This course will explore various theologies of mission and evangelism and the nature and logic of Christian conversion. Students will explore the best practices for churches to seek and effectively draw new persons into Christian discipleship in both foreign and domestic contexts. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor

REL 499 Selected Topics-Advanced

1 Hours

REL 450 Internship

3 Hours

Refer to REL 250.

REL 461 Travel Seminar

1-3 Hours

The seminar provides credit for travel on mission trips or visits to important sacred places. The course includes background reading and evaluative reports.

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