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Digital Media and Design Course Descriptions

COM 205 Communication, Media, & Society

3 Hours

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to important concepts and principles of communication in modern society. Material will cover the basics of communication theory; the history, structure, dynamics, and functions of contemporary mass media; and the ethical implications of communication. This course will prepare students for courses in all four of the Visual and Digital Communication areas of emphasis.

DMD 101 Introduction to Design

3 Hours

This foundation course combines studio work with classroom instruction. Using the elements and principles of design, students work in various black-and-white and color media while developing drawing skills. Along with learning and applying professional presentation skills and craftsmanship, the development of ideas and problem-solving skills are the focus of this course. This is a studio course requiring extended hours. General Education: Effective Expression – Artistic Appreciation

DMD 203 Digital Imaging

3 Hours

The course will provide an Introduction to and application of computer-generated graphics, imaging and photo manipulation using industry standard software. Includes lecture and laboratory.

DMD 215 Typography

3 Hours

This foundation course introduces typography as both an art form and visual communication tool. Through lectures, demonstrations and studio work, students gain an understanding of the history of type, technological influences, letterform anatomy, type classification and measurements systems, and the interaction between form and meaning. Issues of legibility and communicative clarity and hierarchy are also addressed. Students explore the relationship between type as type and type as image as it is related to visual communications, and they will produce original solutions to problems concerning the organization of textual information. The course emphasizes execution, professional presentation skills, time management and craftsmanship. Prerequisites: DMD 101 and DMD 202.

DMD 247 Web Page Design

3 Hours

Students are trained in using the Internet, designing Web pages and developing websites. File transfer, browsers, evaluation of sites, copyright, and principles of layout and design are included. Students will use Adobe Dreamweaver to create Web pages, will learn the basics of CSS and will review the basics of HTML coding.

DMD 305 Color Theory Design

3 Hours

This course provides an introduction to color theory. Students learn key terms and the basics of color physics and the physiology of visual perception. Students become familiar with theories of color relationships as they apply to graphic design. The psychological effect of colors, along with symbolism and cultural associations are addressed. Professional presentation skills and craftsmanship are emphasized. Computer skills are crucial. Prerequisites: DMD 101, DMD 215 and DMD 202.

DMD 456 Digital Media/Design Portfolio

1 Hours

ENG 342 English Grammar

3 Hours

This course reviews grammatical principles used in writing. It is useful for students intending to teach or improve their language skills.

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