Teaching Certification

Are You a Recent Graduate of the Education Program?

Now that you have your degree, you need your certification.

The Dakota Wesleyan University Department of Education works with the Administrative Rules of South Dakota, Article 24:53 Teacher Preparation Program Approval effective July 1, 2008. South Dakota law requires each teacher to be South Dakota certified to teach in the state.

Find the online applications for South Dakota Teacher Certification on the South Dakota Department of Education website.


Already a Teacher in Another State?

We offer two online classes that, once completed, will allow you to apply for your South Dakota Teacher Certification.

Advanced Human Relations/Multiculturalism[ME3] 
Advanced American Indian History and Culture[ME4] 

Simply register [ME5] as a special student and we will get you started in your classes and headed toward your own classroom.

Fill out this easy form and fax, email, or mail the registration to us. Our fax number is (605) 995-2643.

For more information on the availability and registration of these courses, contact the registrar’s office at 605-995-2642.


Find more of the classes you could take in our academic catalog.

Learn more about your professors and their teaching experiences.

Any Questions?

Contact us – just call admissions at 605-995-2650 or email us at admissions@dwu.edu.

We would love to share information with you via email or if you like, we will send it right to your door.

 [ME3]Link to the corresponding page on the online learning website.

 [ME4]Link to the corresponding page on the online learning website.

 [ME5]Link to registration form (getting it updated)