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English Literature Minor Course Descriptions

ENG 201 Intro to Literary Analysis

3 Hours

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of literary study, including critical terms, and focuses on contemporary world literature with equal proportions of Western and non-Western work. Students will discuss fiction, poetry and drama by internationally known authors.

ENG 205 British Literature I

3 Hours

The first of two surveys concentrating on poetry, drama and fiction from the British Isles, this course begins with poetry written in Old English and extends through the 18th century.

ENG 206 British Literature II

3 Hours

The second of two surveys concentrating on poetry, drama and fiction from the British Isles, this course begins with the Romantics and extends through the contemporary period.

ENG 223 American Literature

3 Hours

This historical survey of the prose and poetry of America covers the Puritan era to modern authors, concentrating on major works and authors.

ENG 226 Literature of European Civilization

3 Hours

This course provides a historical survey of the prose and poetry of Western Europe, from biblical texts and the literature of the ancient Greeks and Romans to the present day, concentrating on major works and authors.

ENG 323 Shakespeare

3 Hours

Introducing the life and works of Shakespeare, this course concentrates on the plays, emphasizing the development of central themes, the use of different genres, the decisions involved in production and the cultural background of the Renaissance.

ENG 460 Independent Study

3-6 Hours

The student will develop a topic and create a research plan and schedule in consultation with the department. The student will present and defend the topic to peers and selected DWU faculty. Creative writing students will prepare and publish a manuscript, which will be housed in the McGovern Library.

ENG 313 Great Plains Literature

3 Hours

Students will discover a variety of literature about the Great Plains, including the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa, with an emphasis on how this literature is both regional and universal in scope. This literature includes fiction and nonfiction works by regional writers.

ENG 315 Women Writers

3 Hours

English 315 examines the development of 20th- and 21st- century poetry, essays, novels, and stories written by women. We will ask how women writers respond to, interpret and extend dominant modes of modern and contemporary literature in English in order to explore themes of gender, ethnicity and culture. This course includes a variety of works in English (British and American) by women writers and introduces critical approaches to interpreting their works.

ENG 316 Contemporary World Literature

3 Hours

This course examines 20th-and 21st-century fiction, nonfiction and poetry by authors from, living in, or writing about places other than the United States. Students will consider cultural, historical, aesthetic and linguistic perspectives as they read, analyze and discuss texts from around the world.

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