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Family Studies Minor Course Descriptions

SOC 152 Introduction to Sociology

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to the studyof groups, institutions and interactionalprocesses in human societies with anemphasis on the society of the United States.General Education: Social, Psychological andPolitical Thought - Institutional (effective by 2009)

SOC 154 Marriage and the Family

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to thesociological study of marriage and familyrelationships in the United States and othercultures. Students will approach topics suchas kinship, courtship, parenting, sexuality,gender issues, marital life, divorce andpostmarital adjustment sociologically,historically and comparatively.General Education: Social, Psychological andPolitical Thought - Institutional (effective by 2009)

SOC 317 Minority Groups

3 Hours

This course is a sociological investigationof minority/majority group relations anddiscriminatory practices;social-psychological analysis of individualprejudicial attitudes; historical andcultural study of specific minority groups,such as Native Americans, African Americans,Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans andwomen; and religious, ethnic and racialgroups in the United States and othercountries.General Education: Cultural Awareness (effective by 2009)

SOC 332 Social Psychology

3 Hours

Students will study individual attitudes,self-development and behavior as effectedby group interaction. Attention is given tosocio-biology, symbolic interactionism,Freudian psychology and experimental socialpsychology.

SOC 350 Adjustment to Aging

3 Hours

This course includes a multidisciplinaryapproach, incorporating psychological,sociological, physiological and human serviceperspectives on aging.

SOC 427 Women and Gender Studies

3 Hours

Examination of the ways societies view women and gender from social and historical perspecitves and the impact such views have had on the lives of society members. The individual’s social place will be studied from the micro through global levels: self, family relationships community and society at large. General Education: Cultural and Global Awareness

HMS 330 Child Welfare

3 Hours

This course explains the social services provided for children. The physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs ofchildren are considered in the context of the institutions established by society on behalf of children.

PSY 337 Adolescent Psychology

3 Hours

This course is an in-depth study of the patterns of change occurring during early and late adolescence and youth. Students will explore the impact of adolescence on personal, peer, family, school and community relationships. Prerequisites:PSY 131, PSY 237 or EDU 201.

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