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Human Services Course Descriptions

HMS 225 Introduction to Human Services

3 Hours

This course explores human service delivery systems, including public welfare, public mental health programs and private practices. Students will identify needs, problems, eligible consumers, and the process of service and delivery. The class examines rural service delivery systems and agency settings to familiarize students with the application process. Prerequisites: SOC 152 and sophomore status.

HMS 270 Human Service Practice

3 Hours

This course teaches an integrated approach to basic helping, interviewing and counseling skills in human service settings. Students will learn communication skills, listening skills, the helping relationship, ethics and current professional issues. Prerequisites: CTH 210 and sophomore status.

HMS 300 Alcohol Use and Abuse

3 Hours

This course is a study of the psycho/social aspects of addiction. Study will include symptoms, causes and available treatment approaches. This course serves as an introduction to alcohol and related drug abuse. Students will explore historical, theoretical and current perspectives of alcoholism.

HMS 370 Theory and Practice of Counseling

3 Hours

This course examines counseling theories, techniques, differences and similarities in counseling and interviewing. Students will discuss the ethical responsibilities of a counselor. Prerequisite: PSY 237 Corequisite: CTH 210

HMS 400 Group Counseling

3 Hours

Students will learn counseling theories and techniques related to operational practices in group counseling, including group structure, processes and dynamics. Prerequisite HMS370.

HMS 470 Professional Semester

12 Hours

Placement of up to 40 hours per week during the professional semester will provide experience in a human service agency under professional administration and educational supervision designed to prepare the student for professional practice. This course is for human service majors only. Prerequisites: HMS 370 and consent of department chair.

HMS 245 Drug Use and Abuse

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to the physical, psychological and social effects of drug use and abuse in American society. This course is designed to assist students in making value choices relative to their own use of legal and illegal drugs.

HMS 320 Victimology

3 Hours

Victimology is the scientific study of crime victims, focusing on the physical, emotional and financial impact on victims, communities and the larger society.

HMS 330 Child Welfare

3 Hours

This course explains the social services provided for children. The physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs ofchildren are considered in the context of the institutions established by society on behalf of children.

HMS 430 Ethics in Human Service Practice

3 Hours

This course examines professional and ethical issues that most affect the practice of human services, counseling, chemical dependency treatment and related helping professions.

HMS 451 Family Counseling

3 Hours

Students will study the theories and techniques of working with families in human service settings. The class explores the dynamics of healthy and dysfunctional families. Prerequisite HMS370

PSY 337 Adolescent Psychology

3 Hours

This course is an in-depth study of the patterns of change occurring during early and late adolescence and youth. Students will explore the impact of adolescence on personal, peer, family, school and community relationships. Prerequisites:PSY 131, PSY 237 or EDU 201.

SOC 317 Minority Groups

3 Hours

This course is a sociological investigationof minority/majority group relations anddiscriminatory practices;social-psychological analysis of individualprejudicial attitudes; historical andcultural study of specific minority groups,such as Native Americans, African Americans,Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans andwomen; and religious, ethnic and racialgroups in the United States and othercountries.General Education: Cultural Awareness (effective by 2009)

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