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Nonprofit Administration Course Descriptions

ENT 347 Finance Mgmt for Org Leaders

3 Hours

Students are introduced to key concepts and tools needed by entrepreneurs to effectively control the financial functions of their organization. Topics include budget development and management, payroll management, management of cash flow and accounts receivable, analysis of financial reports and statements, capital investment decision making, and sources of capital.

NPA 210 Principles Leadership/Service

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to various theories and principles of leadership and how those leadership skills apply to administration in the non-profit sector. In addition to classroom readings and discussion, students will be involved in group service-learning projects that benefit local, regional, and global non-profit organizations. Meets General Education Civic Values and Engagement Requirement.

NPA 250 Nonprofit Development/Management

3 Hours

During this course students will learn about important governance and management practices related to non-profit administration. These include principles and practices of a non-profit board of directors, policies and procedures for effective non-profit administration and volunteer recruitment and management.

NPA 310 Public Policy

3 Hours

This course is a study of how public policy is formed, concepts common to public policy analysis and how to communicate and persuade various publics about policy issues. The course includes hands-on field experiences and service­ learning projects in which students engage in policy work.

NPA 350 Fundraising for Non-profits

3 Hours

Throughout this course students will learn fundamental practices essential to funding non-profit organizations. Topics covered will include: grant writing, prospect development, donor tracking and recognition, case statement preparation, types of giving, and the impact of IRS designations and tax laws on nonprofits. Students will also be engaged in applied learning activities that involved writing a grant for a non-profit and reviewing an organization's fundraising strategy.

SOC 312 Methods of Social Research

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to theresearch process as applied to social andpsychological subjects. Students will studyproblem formulation, research design,instrument design, project administration,data analysis and interpretation, reportwriting and issues in research. A researchproject is required. Students interested inobtaining a social work license in SouthDakota or graduate study in sociology needthis course.

NPA 400 Non Profit Administration Seminar

3 Hours

In this capstone course the student will be expected to synthesize and integrate the conceptual, theoretical, and applied learning of the major curriculum. During this course students will engage in either developing an original non­profit organization or working on a major non-profit development plan for a local, regional, or global nonprofit organization.

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