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Nonprofit Administration Course Descriptions

BUS 155 Survey of Accounting

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to basic concepts of financial and managerial accounting.

BUS 321 Organizational Behavior

3 Hours

Organizational behavior is designed to provide students with insights into individual and group behavior, and understanding of organizational structure and culture, and experience with analysis and application of various organizational management tools. This course uses a critical-thinking approach to reflect, address, analyze and interpret text, film, case studies and activities related to organizational psychology and development.

BUS 322 Human Resource Management

3 Hours

This course applies basic principles of psychology, sociology and human relations to personnel management functions, including job design, labor requirements, recruiting, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, safety and health, and labor relations. Prerequisite: BUS 220.

DMD 345 Desktop Publishing

3 Hours

This course provides instruction and experience in desktop publishing. Students will design, create and edit documents using Adobe InDesign.

ENT 347 Financial Management for Organizational Leaders

3 Hours

Students are introduced to key concepts and tools needed by business professionals to effectively manage the financial functions of their organization. A basic working knowledge of the following topics will be included: financial reports and statements, operational budgets, cash flow, financing, sources and costs of capital, ratio analysis and compensation and benefits. Students will apply concepts to individual career goals. Prerequisites: BUS 155 or BUS 251, and ENT 224.

NPA 300 Nonprofit Development and Management

3 Hours

During this course students will learn about important governance and management practices related to nonprofit administration. These include principles and practices of a nonprofit board of directors, policies and procedures for effective nonprofit administration and volunteer recruitment and management.

NPA 310 Public Policy

3 Hours

This course is a study of how public policy is formed, concepts common to public policy analysis and how to communicate and persuade various publics about policy issues. The course includes hands-on field experiences and service­ learning projects in which students engage in policy work.

NPA 311 Social Justice and Civic Engagement

3 Hours

This course focuses on a range of theoretical issues related to oppression and social justice. During the course, students will explore important humanitarian issues impacting our global environment and review the vision and progress of agencies dedicated to positively affecting social injustices.

NPA 313 Resource Development and Stewardship

3 Hours

Throughout this course students will learn fundamental practices essential to funding nonprofit organizations. Topics covered will include grant writing, prospect development, donor relationships and recognition, case statement preparation, types of giving, and stewardship of resources. Students will also be engaged in experiential learning activities that may involve fundraising event assistance, writing a grant and analyzing an organization's fundraising strategy.

NPA 370 Program Design and Evaluation

3 Hours

This course helps students become proficient in designing and evaluating programming for nonprofit organizations. Throughout the course, students will discover best practices for program design and development, examine various methods and tools for program evaluation, explore strategies for communicating program outcomes and discover how to use program evaluation to inform improvement strategies.

NPA 400 Non Profit Administration Seminar

3 Hours

In this capstone course, the student will be expected to synthesize and integrate the concepts and theories of the NPA curriculum in an applied learning project. During this course, students will engage in either developing an original nonprofit organization, researching an issue for a nonprofit organization, or working on a major nonprofit development project for a local, regional or global nonprofit organization.

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